• Decline in Oil Prices Lands on Government Workers as Saudi Arabia Cuts Paychecks

    WORLD NEWS | THE NEW YORK TIMES | on Mon, Sep 26, 10:53 PM

    The reductions affect a wide range of government employees, from ministers, whose pay was cut by 20 percent, to civil servants, whose overtime pay and vacation time will face new limits.
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    on Mon Sep 26 5:58 PM

    Monarchy over multiculturalism, says Leamington mayor - Windsor


    As the royal tour makes its way through Canada, one southwest Ontario mayor is calling on Canada to scrap its current multicultural policies and focus on its ties to the monarchy.
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  • How Hillary Clinton Went From Hesitant to Scorching

    U.S. NEWS | NEW YORK TIMES | 2 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Mrs. Clinton, with some help from the moderator, Lester Holt, found her footing during the second half and attacked Mr. Trump on his treatment of women.
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    2 hours 9 minutes ago

    Prediction Markets Score the Debate a Rout: Clinton Over Trump


    Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning the election rose from around 63 percent in the minutes before the debate started to 69 percent by the end.
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  • Why Hillary Clinton won the debate

    BUSINESS | BUSINESS INSIDER | 2 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesThe political events of the last 15 months have ruined my confidence in my own ability to predict how the electorate will react to events. So here are a few pieces of evidence, aside from my own impressions from watching,...
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    POLL: Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump at first debate

    BUSINESS | BUSINESS INSIDER | 2 hours, 32 minutes ago

    Screen grab via CNNHillary Clinton handily defeated Donald Trump at Monday’s presidential debate, according to a CNN instant poll. Sixty-two percent of 521 respondents said the Democratic nominee won the political showdown. Twenty-seven...
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  • 1 hour 24 minutes ago

    Trump Time Capsule #115: The First Debate


    Today’s harvest of things that haven’t happened in presidential campaigns before:1. Diplomats. As the Washington Post reported yesterday[1], some 75 former prominent former ambassadors and other diplomats, from Republican and Democratic...
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    on Mon Sep 26 11:11 PM

    Hillary Clinton Did What She Needed to Do


    Donald Trump sniffled and sucked down water. He bragged about not paying federal taxes—“That makes me smarter.” He bragged about bragging about profiting from the housing crisis—“That’s called business, by the way.” He lost his cool...
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