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on Tue Mar 3 6:00 PM

Who Are Assyrian Christians? Islamic State's Latest Captives Are Part Of A Long-Persecuted Group


Carol Kuruvilla ("The Huffington Post," March 2, 2015) Islamic State militants have reportedly released 19 Assyrian Christians who were abducted from a village in northeastern Syria last week. News of the Sunday release offered some...
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on Tue Mar 3 1:27 PM

Do Liberals Stifle Intellectual Diversity On The College Campus? : NPR


Are conservative views stifled in academia? Is it censorship when colleges withdraw invitations extended to controversial speakers? Experts debate free speech in an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.
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on Tue Mar 3 11:25 AM

Dear eHarmony, Can I Talk About Back Fat in My Profile? | Rebecca Smith Masterson


Dear eHarmony, Well, hello! It's nice to meet you. I thought I'd reach out because it's rare for someone to go to such great lengths to meet me. Since my divorce, some people are having a hard time knowing what to say to me, but not you,...
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Google Says Its Voice-Recognition Software Is Now 92 Percent Accurate

Google Says Its Voice-Recognition Software Is Now 92 Percent Accurate

RE/CODE | on Tue, Mar 3, 9:00 AM

Will Google voice search still work if your face is smushed into a pillow?
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on Tue Mar 3 7:42 AM

America’s student loan boycott: How 15 students took on the government — and just may win


Saddled with predatory loans, students are striking and confronting Arne Duncan. Here's what it means for all of us
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on Mon Mar 2 4:26 PM

My Milk Manifesto | David Katz, M.D.


Folks, grab a few of your favorite cookies -- I recommend these -- pour yourself a glass of... well, whatever; and settle in. This won't take you nearly as long as it took me, but it's a bit of a commitment just the same. Working ourselves up...
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on Mon Mar 2 2:00 AM

Kenya to build a wall on Somali border to keep out al-Shabaab | World news


Analysis: amid plans for Israeli-style ‘separation barrier’ against both militants and immigrants, Simon Allison questions how effective a Great Wall can be Continue reading...
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on Sun Mar 1 2:09 PM

Canadians 'Spock' their $5 bills to honor Leonard Nimoy


The world grieved on Friday upon hearing that beloved actor Leonard Nimoy, most famous for playing Spock on Star Trek, had died. Many took to social media to express their condolences, but the Canadian Design Resource (CDR) led a call to action,...
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on Sun Mar 1 11:47 AM
on Sun Mar 1 9:00 AM

Don't call the stadium task force "independent"


Let’s dispense with the notion that the mayor’s stadium task force is “independent.” More than a few people have already.
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