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on Sat Apr 18 6:45 PM

Is it cooler to be a “stay-at-home dad” than a “stay-at-home mom”?


Two writers on balancing writing & parenting, and the odd, gender-stereotyped reactions to the choice to stay home
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on Fri Apr 17 5:07 PM

Seizing the Moment to Reform a Criminal Justice System that Hurts Families and Communities | Jessica Jackson


On July 24, 2004, I stood in an overly air-conditioned courtroom in Gainesville, Georgia, and watched as my then-husband pled out to six years in prison for a non-violent crime. As the bailiff handcuffed him and began to lead him out of the room,...
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on Fri Apr 17 4:12 PM

Bomb squad responds to an egg filled with candy: The week in weird news


Plus: A burglar was arrested after leaving Croc tread marks at the scene of the crime
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on Fri Apr 17 11:35 AM

Children's Greatest Need: Protection | Anne Goddard


This post is part of the Relay for Kids in partnership with SOS Children's Villages. Each time you share this post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per action) to support children worldwide affected by crisis. Scroll to the bottom to find out...
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on Fri Apr 17 11:23 AM

Hunter fatally trampled by elephant that he was trying to kill - National Animal News


According to Friday's publication of the Huffington Post, a professional hunter who was tracking an elephant to kill, was trampled to death by his would-be victim during an elephant hunt in Chewore North (lower Zambezi Valley). Before...
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on Fri Apr 17 9:24 AM

Drew Pierson's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series


Today’s installment in the Huffington Post Gay Voices RaiseAChild.US “Let Love Define Family™” series demonstrates that sometimes “no” is not the final answer. RaiseAChild.US contributing writer Beth Hallstrom interviewed this Texan...
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on Fri Apr 17 8:35 AM

Stiff Sentences for Convicted Atlanta Educators Shock Many


Most of the former educators convicted in a cheating scandal will remain free on bond while they appeal.
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on Fri Apr 17 7:56 AM

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are frauds: Why GOP’s libertarians are anything but


For all their lofty rhetoric, the party's leading candidates have a very selective interest in small government
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on Fri Apr 17 6:14 AM

Why are most online commenters male?


Men dominate the conversation on comments boards across the internet, especially when they can post under a psuedonym, according to a new study
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on Sun Jun 16 3:16 PM

How Do You Define A Failing School?


Found this gem on Diane Ravitch's page originally written for Huffington Post Brookside Elementary is located in a pleasant, middle-class neighborhood of split levels and tidy...
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