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on Tue Apr 22 7:15 PM

SCOTUS v. the Internet: Scalia didn’t know subscribers pay for HBO, and Sotomayor is worried about the cloud


Today SCOTUS heard arguments in ABC v. Aereo: The case that could alter the future of the Internet and broadcast TV
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on Tue Apr 22 6:09 PM

Train Kick Selfie Guy On Track To Make A Ton Of Money Off His Idiotic Video


It's a weird formula, for sure: Travel to a far-flung destination, get kicked in the head by a worker on a passing train, profit from a self-shot video of the encounter. But Jared Frank just might make it work. The 22-year-old Canadian could earn...
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on Tue Apr 22 3:36 PM

Let Things Change | Rick Hanson, Ph.D.


What's changing? The Practice: Let Things Change Why? Lately I've been writing about the fifth of my personal top five practices (all tied for first place): open out, by which I mean relaxing into a growing sense of connection, even oneness,...
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on Tue Apr 22 2:51 PM

Track the steady rise of global warming since the first Earth Day


In 16 U.S. states, temperatures are 2.5 degrees higher than they were in the 1970s
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on Tue Apr 22 1:15 PM

Special prosecutor confirms FBI probe at Gitmo, says it's not about leaked document - U.S.


The FBI is investigating something related to the Sept. 11 case, but it’s not the release of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s commentary to The Huffington Post, a special war-court prosecutor wrote a military judge Monday.
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Google To Offer Mobile App Install Ads In Search And YouTube; Expands App Deep Linking To AdWords

Google To Offer Mobile App Install Ads In Search And YouTube; Expands App Deep Linking To AdWords

TECHCRUNCH | on Tue, Apr 22, 11:44 AM

 Google is announcing today its plans to offer app install ads on mobile search and YouTube, following moves made by other tech industry companies, including Facebook and more recently Yahoo and Twitter. Google says that businesses looking to...
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on Tue Apr 22 9:30 AM

The Verdict: Critics Review Velocity of Autumn with Estelle Parsons and Stephen Spinella


Eric Coble's new family drama The Velocity of Autumn, starring Academy Award winner Estelle Parsons and two-time Tony Award winner Stephen Spinella, opened on Broadway April 21 at the Booth Theatre.
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on Tue Apr 22 9:27 AM

GOP selling socks, Dems banking cash and see a Senator almost get hit by train: Political Chatter


Here's your chance to purchase your own piece of presidential memorabilia. Sort of. Former President George W. Bush is selling his socks to benefit the Republican National Committee, according to USA Today.[1] The former president, who is well...
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on Tue Apr 22 7:58 AM

This Is The ONE Tourist Trap You're Missing Out On In Each U.S. State


It's a fine, blurred, and fuzzy little line that separates our nation's most-visited cultural sites from its trashy tourist traps. Of course, any "tourist trap" can be a "cultural site," depending on how you look at it. And any "cultural site"...
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on Tue Apr 22 1:00 AM

Official Denies F.B.I. Was Investigating Manifesto Leak


A Justice Department official denied Monday that the F.B.I. had investigated how a manifesto by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ended up at The Huffington Post.
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