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on Tue Sep 30 5:45 PM

State GOPers put distance between themselves and Lamborn remarks


  “I know better.” “There’s no room for that.” “He’s an embarrassment.” Those are some of the phrases with which state Republicans are putting space […]
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on Tue Sep 30 4:48 PM

Green groups are spending big in 2014 — after a quarter century of getting crushed


If you pay even casual attention to politics, you know the name Tom Steyer. If you don't, or if you need a refresher, Steyer is the California billionaire who is pouring tens of millions of his own money into midterm races, with an eye toward...
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on Tue Sep 30 4:00 PM

Four Ways to Better Involve Your Company In Charitable Activities


I was inspired to get more involved in the world at large. You should do the same.
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on Tue Sep 30 2:42 PM

Visualizing threats against President Obama, in 1 chart


A detail in the first of Carol Leonnig's great series of scoops on the Secret Service's handling of White House intruders jumped out at us (and other people, if social media is any indicator): President Obama has faced three times as many threats...
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on Tue Sep 30 1:35 PM

The Supreme Court is allowing Ohio to cut back on early voting. Now what?


On Monday, the Supreme Court decided to uphold a proposal from Ohio's Republican legislature to scale back early voting hours in the state. The issue has been a flashpoint in state politics for a decade. But the net effect in 2014 is very hard to...
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on Tue Sep 30 9:01 AM

Superintendents' Strong Support For Common Core Asssessments


Superintendents Support Common-Assessment Consortia EdWeek: About two-thirds of district superintendents say states should stick with their common-core testing consortia, while 16 percent remain on the fence over the issue, according to results...
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on Tue Sep 30 8:00 AM

New polls show Iowa's Senate race moving away from Democrats


Republican Joni Ernst Leading Off: • IA-Sen: What a difference a few weeks makes. It wasn't that long ago that Republicans were privately conceding that Joni Ernst was a few points behind Democrat Bruce Braley in the Iowa U.S. Senate contest....
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on Tue Sep 30 6:00 AM

The Top 10 Entrepreneurs Who've Inspired Marketing Star Joe Polish


Joe Polish is a marketing genius and bestselling author who’s consulted many of the industry’s best: Sir Richard Branson, Body for Life’s Bill Phillips, Tim Ferris and many more. He was "thought leadership" before the concept of thought...
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on Mon Sep 29 5:07 PM

Refill Your Cupboard | Rick Hanson, Ph.D.


Are you self-nurturing? The Practice: Refill your cupboard. Why? Nothing changes a woman's life like a child, especially her first one. Raising children is deeply fulfilling. Yet it's also intensely demanding. Compared to women who haven't had...
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on Mon Sep 29 4:22 PM

Yes to “yes means yes”: California’s affirmative consent law is the first step to eradicating campus sexual assault


Less than a third of campus sexual assault investigations end in expulsion because of "ambiguity." Not anymore
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