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on Tue Sep 29 11:58 PM

Palestinian flag to be raised at United Nations


The Palestinian flag is to be raised for the first time at the United Nations in what the Palestinian leader says will be an "emotional and proud day".
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on Tue Sep 29 5:37 PM

The Republican rebrand’s final indignity: “David Duke without the baggage” in line to lead House GOP


Remember the guy who got caught wooing white supremacists? He's now poised to be second-in-line in the House
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on Tue Sep 29 5:19 PM

Dad hacked his son's Ikea bed


Eric Strong needed his young son to give up his convertible toddler bed — not just so he could have a “big boy bed,” but because Strong needed the bed for his daughter. But his son told him that the only way he would ever give up his bed was...
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What's Driving Digital Media's New Investment Craze

What's Driving Digital Media's New Investment Craze

THE WRAP | on Tue, Sep 29, 4:56 PM

As new media landscape continues to threaten traditional media, digital sites are cashing in like never before. On Tuesday, German media company Axel Springer announced plans to purchase 88 percent of Business Insider for $343 million, valuing the...
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on Tue Sep 29 2:53 PM

Abbas' Coming UN Announcement: Bombshell or Gimmick?


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has promised a “bombshell” announcement when he addresses the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, but analysts on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict say they aren’t expecting much more...
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on Tue Sep 29 2:00 PM

The 5 Scariest Cults in Modern History


Some terrifying cults are so well-known they can be described with a single word: Manson, Waco, Jeffs, Jonestown. Others may not be as iconic—at least in America—but still provide plenty of nightmare material. Read more...
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on Tue Sep 29 1:07 PM

Bild owner Axel Springer to buy Business Insider


German publisher, Axel Springer, agrees to buy a controlling stake in the US news website Business Insider for $343m (£226m).
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on Tue Sep 29 10:17 AM

4 Personality Types That Predict You're an Emerging Success | Anne Bechard


You know you shouldn't. But you can't help telling yourself, can you? That somehow you failed. You didn't fulfill your potential with your college degree. You mangled your retirement savings. Or you're not with the person you wish you could be...
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on Tue Sep 29 9:10 AM

My Experience With the Voldemort of Women's Health Issues | Laura Benanti


The day I found out I was pregnant was the happiest day of my life. I had wanted to be a mom for a long time, and at 36 it was finally happening. When my fiancé, Patrick, and I first saw and heard our little peanut's heartbeat, a wave of love...
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Axel Springer Buys Business Insider

Axel Springer Buys Business Insider

RE/CODE | on Tue, Sep 29, 7:20 AM

Henry Blodget gets his payday.
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