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on Thu Jul 31 3:30 PM

An Open Letter to Barry Goldwater, Jr., Chairman Of T.U.S.K.


Some questions for the Republican pro-solar group that attacks other Republicans
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on Thu Jul 31 3:30 PM

William Shatner Might Be Bringing the Funny to 'Ted 2'


Seth MacFarlane's follow-up to "Ted" is set to feature a familiar face in a small role, according to a new report. The Boston Herald writes that Shatner will cameo in "Ted 2" as himself, where he'll be "a speaker at some kind of superhero fan...
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on Thu Jul 31 3:18 PM

Andrew Cuomo is in trouble — but probably not for reelection


This post has been corrected. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has three things going for him as he faces a reelection campaign this year. First, he's a Cuomo, and the last name that helped him earn his current position, following in the footsteps...
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on Thu Jul 31 3:01 PM

Watch Anna Paquin school Larry King on bisexuality


"I don't think it's a past-tense thing ... It doesn't really work like that," Paquin explained
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on Thu Jul 31 2:23 PM

Havenstein says he has always opposed Obamacare, though company he led was paid to implement parts of it


Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein says he has consistently opposed the Affordable Care Act, though a tech company he once led received millions to implement parts of Obamacare.
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on Thu Jul 31 1:01 PM

The lobbying industry is back! But don’t expect more action on Capitol Hill.


Good news, America! According to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics, spending on lobbying in Washington is about the same as last year — potentially meaning that "the lobbying industry is coming out of its slide." Happy days are...
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on Thu Jul 31 10:53 AM

'Mythical Creatures' Is An Animated Holocaust Film Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen


Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman is currently raising funds for his upcoming film project, "Mythical Creatures," based on the heartbreaking story of his father's narrow escape from Poland during the Holocaust. Yet Baseman is plotting a film...
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on Thu Jul 31 8:31 AM

Is Georgia getting bluer? And what about Arizona and Texas? Here’s a map that explains it all.


Earlier this week, our colleagues over at Monkey Cage made a prediction that Georgia wasn't going to turn blue any time soon. To demonstrate this point, they looked at a very specific bit of data: The relationship between how strongly the state...
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on Thu Jul 31 8:05 AM

How Technology Is Rewiring Your Brain


As we all know, our minds are changing as technology integrates more and more into our lives. The use of technology in traditionally social situations has become so rife it that
games have been invented in order to keep people off their phones....
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on Thu Jul 31 6:02 AM

SNAP’s clergy abuse victims mark 25 years and eye new targets


David Gibson ("The Huffington Post," July 30, 2014) When victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests first organized into a small band of volunteer activists in the late 1980s, reports of clergy molesting children were still new and...
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