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on Wed Aug 20 7:30 PM

#Ferguson: Social media more spark than solution - Alex Byers


Social networks like Twitter highlight tensions in the moment rather than calm them.
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on Wed Aug 20 7:06 PM

Let’s not fawn over male celebrity feminists: Making stars weigh in on women’s rights is hurting the cause


Joseph Gordon-Levitt's recent remarks launched many a virtual feminist high-five. But why is the media so excited?
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on Wed Aug 20 3:52 PM

Gun sales are up near Ferguson


Metro Shooting Supplies is about 10 miles west of the spot in Ferguson, Mo. where Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. And since then, sales have been booming. "Historically in August, it's very slow," owner Steve...
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on Wed Aug 20 3:50 PM

These Are Some Of The Inspiring Things Ferguson Teachers Are Doing While School Is Postponed


Chaotic protests in Ferguson, Missouri, may be keeping local children out of school this week, but educators are still trying to turn the situation into a teachable moment. The racially charged protests entered their 11th day on Wednesday,...
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on Wed Aug 20 2:06 PM

Environmentalists are trading purity for pragmatism in 2014


NextGen Climate Action, the outside group run by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, took a new tack in its attempts to bolster Democrats' chances in the Iowa Senate race this week. Its first ad, you migh recall, was a mini-play suggesting...
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on Wed Aug 20 1:05 PM
on Wed Aug 20 12:15 PM

How to take a good political mugshot, should you need to


Did you hear that Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex.) got indicted by a grand jury? It was in the news. The problem with getting indicted for an elected official is that such things can have a deleterious effect on your political career. While voters...
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on Wed Aug 20 12:08 PM

Police Militarization Is The Only Abuse Of Power The Left Seems To Care About


There are times when pistols and squad cars don't cut it.
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on Wed Aug 20 11:09 AM

The Fight for Images of Ferguson | Big Think


The flood of images of violence and unrest continues to flow from Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. (See one slide show here.) The promise of a “post-racial America” after the election of...
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on Wed Aug 20 10:25 AM

Improving the American Mental Health System Requires Accurate History | Michael Friedman, L.M.S.W.


This post is co-authored by Sherry A. Glied and Michael B. Friedman. Allen Frances (The Huffington Post August 7, 2014) claims that the American mental health system is worse now than ever before. He and other critics who share this view are...
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