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13 minutes ago

The First Annual "Tell Us What You're Cooking This Year For Thanksgiving Dinner That You Didn't Cook Last Year" | Nor...


Here's the deal about Thanksgiving dinner at our house: it's the same every year, except for one thing. Every year one thing changes. Sometimes we try something new and it stays forever, like the apricot jello mold that's been a guilty...
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1 hour 3 minutes ago

Black Friday is America’s premier gun-buying day


There is probably a place, somewhere in the country, where people are already camped out in front of a Cabela's, waiting for Friday at 6 a.m. so that they can go in and get a discount on a new firearm. Of the 10 days on which the FBI has...
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on Wed Nov 26 10:14 AM

Dari Nowkhah's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series


November is National Adoption Month and RaiseAChild.US is celebrating with twice weekly “Let Love Define Family™” series installments in Huffington Post Gay Voices. Today’s story features an ally of RaiseAChild.US whose involvement in...
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on Wed Nov 26 9:53 AM

How to explain who all these politicians are to the people who’ve never heard of them


Mitt Romney would beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 says a new Quinnipiac poll, if you set aside such considerations as "margin of error," and "it is 2014," and "one of those people has shown almost no signs of actually planning on running." Romney...
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on Wed Nov 26 9:41 AM

Retired U.S. Army colonel Andrew Bacevich on the danger of axiomatic thinking


An axiom is a fundamental truth, so self-evident that it requires no proof and a chain of logic built upon it will have a solid foundation. But what happens when it turns out that an elaborate worldview and life-and-death-making policies are built...
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on Wed Nov 26 8:55 AM

Contradictory Ferguson Eyewitnesses Not Unusual : Discovery News


Dozens of eyewitnesses offered evidence about the death of Michael Brown, and much of it was confusing and contradictory. Here's why.
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on Wed Nov 26 8:00 AM

How Facebook plans to become one of the most powerful tools in politics


Political campaigns are obsessed with two things: Telling every possible voter exactly what they want to hear in order to get them to the polls and cast the "right" vote, and telling them that message for as close to zero dollars as possible. Read...
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on Tue Nov 25 5:35 PM

Obama's immigration plan gives Ohio businesses a taste of reform


Graciela Leal, a student at Case Western Reserve University, waves a flag during a September rally at the Free Stamp in support families facing deportation. President Obama acted Friday to bring some relief to undocumented workers Gus Chan/The...
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on Tue Nov 25 11:29 AM

New York Times columnist demands that Elizabeth Warren stop hurting Wall Street’s feelings


Andrew Ross Sorkin says the progressive senator and former law professor is "misinformed"
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on Tue Nov 25 10:17 AM

More than a third of Americans think illegal immigrants can’t stay


Here's a detail worth pulling out from a new Quinnipiac University survey on immigration: Thirty-five percent of respondents indicated that immigrants who entered the country illegally "should be required to leave" -- a high in Quinnipiac polling...
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