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on Thu Oct 23 5:11 PM

Ten privacy questions Whisper should answer for Senate committee | US news


Whisper executives have been summoned to Capitol Hill to answer questions about how the app tracks its usersHow the safest place on the internet tracks its users Continue reading...
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on Thu Oct 23 4:47 PM

Ranking Senate candidates on a key metric: How terrible they make opponents look in their ads


Politics is an elegant art, filled with plenty of low-bid pizza and people paid to follow other people around in the hopes of catching them doing anything remotely humiliating. But there is no component of the political campaign more strictly...
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on Thu Oct 23 4:10 PM

Look how close Democrats are to winning ... and losing


Charlie Crist, working the GOTV in Miami. I've been saying this is a 50-50 election, with base intensity the tie-breaker. These non-presidential-years are brutal for Democrats, as our core base demographics—single women, people of color, young...
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on Thu Oct 23 3:57 PM

Medicine That Inspires | David Katz, M.D.


I am the president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Lest you think I'm boasting, I hasten to note that my title, plus a ticket, will permit me to board a train.I mention it, though, because it also means I just presided over our...
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on Thu Oct 23 2:36 PM

Top senator demands explanation from Whisper after user tracking revelations | Technology


Senator Jay Rockefeller emphasises concern over location tracking and says Guardian revelations raise serious questionsRevealed: how Whisper tracks anonymous usersWhisper: the factsWhisper rewrites terms of service and privacy policy Continue...
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on Thu Oct 23 2:15 PM

36 breaches of the White House perimeter, mapped


We are reposting this article from September to include the most recent fence-jumper, 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya. That Omar Gonzalez was able to walk into the White House after jumping the fence and sprinting across the lawn surprised most...
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on Thu Oct 23 2:11 PM

Popularity is overrated when it comes to winning Senate seats this year


MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin makes an interesting point: In several key races this year, voters will be picking between two candidates who, overall, are viewed more negatively than positively. There are a few obvious reasons for this, as Sarlin points...
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on Thu Oct 23 12:09 PM

No, Don Young, ‘government largesse’ doesn’t lead to more suicide


On Wednesday Alaska Rep. Don Young (R) expanded on his controversial comments about suicide earlier this week. Speaking at a senior center (versus the high school audience that heard him suggest that families were to blame for suicides), Young...
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on Thu Oct 23 10:36 AM

This map shows you all the ‘toss-up’ House districts since 2000. There are more than you think.


Every two years, the Cook Political Report does yeoman's work of evaluating each of the 435 House races to determine which is most in jeopardy of actually being interesting. And they do a good job of it, too: races deemed "toss-ups" by Cook...
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on Thu Oct 23 9:53 AM

Wiretap: In Ottawa, a good guy with a gun


The sergeant-at-arms of the Canadian Parliament's name is Kevin Vickers. He is 58 years old, and here's how the lethal madness at the Canadian capitol ended yesterday.
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