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on Tue Jun 30 12:40 PM

Daily Meditation: Patience


We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. Today's meditation features a brief song off...
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on Tue Jun 30 11:08 AM

7 things that prove D.C. politics is a lot like high school


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and Karl Rove are involved in a he-said-he-said fight that would rival any pimple-faced teenage drama.The GOP presidential candidate and former George W. Bush adviser are arguing back and forth about a $1,000 campaign...
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on Tue Jun 30 10:31 AM

Robert Mugabe to Marry Barack Obama


[Malawi24] Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, says he will divorce his wife as plans to ask Barack Obama for his hand in marriage following the legalization of gay marriage in the US.
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on Tue Jun 30 10:27 AM

Kenya in Court After Botched Abortion Injures Raped 15-Year-Old


[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -The mother of a 15-year-old rape survivor, who needs a kidney transplant following a botched backstreet abortion, filed a case against Kenya's government on Monday for denying women and girls safe access to...
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on Tue Jun 30 9:02 AM

8 Countries In 4 Months: Inside Rocket Internet's Replication Machine


Everjobs offers a window onto the growth of markets in Southeast Asia and Africa. In Cambodia, Internet penetration grew 361% over three years.
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on Tue Jun 30 8:59 AM

Revved and ready to go: Tanzania is set to tackle unstoppable boda boda taxis | Richard M Kavuma | Global development


Motorcycle taxis offer an easy earner for young men with few qualifications, but frequent accidents and lax regulation mean the industry needs cleaning upMay is not the best time to tour Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania. Getting...
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on Tue Jun 30 7:08 AM

California oil train risks worse in minority areas: report | Reuters


HOUSTON (Reuters) - Californians most exposed to the risks of oil train derailments or fires overwhelmingly live in poorer, minority neighborhoods, two environmental groups in the state said on Tuesday.
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on Tue Jun 30 5:26 AM

Court Acquits RB in Nigeria Oil Case


[Zambia Reports] THE Lusaka magistrate court has acquitted fourth president Rupiah Banda after finding him with no case to answer in the Nigeria Oil case.
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on Tue Jun 30 4:21 AM

Syriza is asking Greece’s voters to endorse its own failure | Daniel Howden | Comment is free


The Greek government’s success was built on the lie that it could avert austerity – in the upcoming referendum, it seeks to evade all responsibilityThere is a punchy but elegant Greek phrase that summarises the moment when delusion and...
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on Tue Jun 30 3:33 AM Kenya: City Parking Scam Bust


[The Star] Nairobi government will fire rogue parking attendants extorting motorists, a City Hall officer has said.
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