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50 minutes ago

China’s Slowdown Raises Pressure on Beijing to Spur Growth - WSJ


Analysis: China’s economic slowdown is widely expected to continue into next year, increasing pressure on Beijing to take more powerful measures to spur growth.
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2 hours 22 minutes ago

'I am a Liberian, not a virus': west Africans hit back against Ebola stigma | World news


With Ebola panic spreading across the US, a social media campaign aims to counter discrimination Continue reading...
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2 hours 51 minutes ago

WHO aims for Ebola serum in weeks and vaccine tests in Africa by January | World news


Details given of two vaccines being fast-tracked for trial on 20,000 health workers and antibody serum planned for Liberia Continue reading...
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on Tue Oct 21 11:21 PM

Two cured in US, Spain, as Ebola crisis widens


Washington (AFP) - A US photojournalist joined a Spanish nurse in being declared free of Ebola on Tuesday, as the United States tightened restrictions on travelers from the West African countries at the epicenter of the outbreak.And in West...
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on Tue Oct 21 9:56 PM

OPIC, Global Partnerships Bring Depth Of Experience To Impact Investing


Infrastructure to support global impact investing is maturing, improving the viability of the model.
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on Tue Oct 21 8:29 PM

CDC sets new protocols for healthcare workers and airport screenings


Watch Video | Listen to the AudioRELATED LINKSWhy Ebola runs a different course in different people 70 percent Ebola death rate? Here’s how they calculate it Ambulance nurse confronts death and desperation in the heart of the Ebola epidemic...
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on Tue Oct 21 7:14 PM

Google Street View Spotlights Chimpanzees Studied by Jane Goodall


Google Street View now allows you to get a close look at the Tanzanian chimps Jane Goodall famously studied. The company partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute and Tanzania's National Parks to map out the country's Gombe National Park, home to...
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on Tue Oct 21 6:19 PM

Forget Ebola; around this table, Election Day is a much bigger deal: Kevin O'Brien


Cabinet meeting minutes, Oct. 22, 2014: The president: I want to thank you folks for coming, especially on such short notice. Anyone seen Klain? Isn't he supposed to be here? Anyway, we're facing a serious problem — or, rather, you're facing a...
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on Tue Oct 21 10:59 AM

BBC News - Hong Kong protests: Activists share secrets at Oslo Freedom Forum


Activists discuss Hong Kong protests over champagne
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on Tue Feb 26 5:03 PM

Facts About Rhinos


Their horns are made of the same stuff as human fingernails!
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