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on Tue Jul 29 9:29 PM

Is global chaos the new normal?


It's a chaotic world out there. But we'd better get used to it; this may be the new normal.
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on Tue Jul 29 9:13 PM

Mass. man charged in car registration tax dodge


A Chinese citizen is accused of lying about living in the city to obtain titles and registration documents for his personal cars and avoid Massachusetts' sales tax.
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on Tue Jul 29 7:12 PM

BBC News - Argentina in denial over debt dispute


Call it something else, says Argentina's president
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on Tue Jul 29 7:12 PM

Admiral: World getting 'numb' to North Korean missiles | Military Times


Amid concerns about its development and testing of nuclear weapons, North Korea may be lulling the world into largely accepting its advances in missile technology, the admiral in charge of American forces in Asia and the Pacific said Tuesday.
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on Tue Jul 29 7:02 PM

Should Aston Villa players be allowed to take penalties in shootouts? | Football


Plus: which club has made the least successful record signing? And which country is the most likely to employ the same manager again and again and again? Continue reading...
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on Tue Jul 29 6:39 PM

The real Martha Stewart explains her drone


It's love at first sight.
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on Tue Jul 29 5:35 PM

In Reversal, Nepal to Allow Cremation of Tibetan Monk


The prime minister announced that he would allow the funeral of Shamar Rinpoche to take place in the country, reversing a decision seen by some as resulting from sensitivity to China.
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on Tue Jul 29 4:39 PM
on Tue Jul 29 3:47 PM

Alejandro Sabella quits as Argentina coach following World Cup run | Football


Sabella took Argentina to 2014 World Cup final José Pékerman favourite to succeed 59-year-old Continue reading...
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Microsoft Offices In China Raided In Antitrust Investigation | Fast Company

Microsoft Offices In China Raided In Antitrust Investigation | Fast Company

FAST COMPANY | on Tue, Jul 29, 2:00 PM

China's investigation into Microsoft is just getting started.Officials from China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)--the organization responsible for enforcing China's business laws--made surprise visits Monday to four of...
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