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on Thu Nov 27 4:15 AM

British embassy convoy attacked in Kabul: live


Suicide bomber in Afghanistan drives car into convoy from British embassy. Latest updates here
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on Thu Nov 27 3:38 AM

CHINA Xinjiang, seven university students on trial for collaborating with Ilham Tohti


The group had disappeared into thin air in January. The authorities claims they are guilty of aiding the Uighur professor to "foment separatism" through a website. Lawyer: "It was a platform for debate among China’s ethnic minorities”. They...
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on Thu Nov 27 3:11 AM

BBC News - China media: US human rights


Papers raise questions over Washington's human rights record in the wake of the unrest in Ferguson.
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on Thu Nov 27 3:00 AM

GCHQ's 'jihad on tech firms' can only fail | Technology


Bullying the US tech firms could disrupt constructive ways to track terrorism - and force companies to channel requests through lengthy international legal processesSome will have assumed this week’s headlines blaming Facebook for Lee Rigby’s...
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Tiger Global Raises $2.5 Billion For New Deals

Tiger Global Raises $2.5 Billion For New Deals

TECHCRUNCH | on Thu, Nov 27, 1:51 AM

 Investment firm Tiger Global has aggressively pursued new deals this year, and now it has a lot more cash to do so. According to an SEC filing, the firm closed $2.5 billion in new funding, that comes a little more than 6 months after it...
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on Thu Nov 27 1:05 AM

Latin American Herald Tribune - China to Negotiate Construction of the First High-Velocity Train in India


China, the country with the greatest network of high-speed trains in the world, is to negotiate with India to build the first such train in the subcontinent linking the cities of New Delhi and Chennai, the “China Daily” reported Wednesday.
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on Wed Nov 26 2:27 PM

Here's how to fight climate change, alleviate poverty, and increase resilience too. : TreeHugger


UK-based charity Tree Aid offers a deceptively simple strategy for protecting the environment and reducing poverty.
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on Wed Nov 26 9:42 AM

New evidence of ancient rock art across Southeast Asia -- ScienceDaily


Research on the oldest surviving rock art of Southeast Asia shows the region's first people brought with them a rich art practice. These earliest people skilfully produced paintings of animals in rock shelters from southwest China to Indonesia....
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on Tue Nov 25 7:23 PM

BBC News - Six unexpected WW1 battlegrounds


Not all crucial battles in World War One took place on the muddy fields of Europe - some were fought in little-known places much further afield.
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Facts About Leopards

Facts About Leopards

LIVESCIENCE | on Tue, Feb 26, 4:39 PM

They're the largest cat species that regularly climbs trees.
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