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46 minutes ago

Billy Kidd: She’s the magician, not the lovely assistant


Edmonton-born performer one of very few female magicians not relegated to a sidekick role
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51 minutes ago

FIFA President Blatter wins a fifth term amid inquiry, opposition


If Sepp Blatter felt any apprehension about his reign atop the soccer world, it did not show in his smile.
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2 hours 45 minutes ago

Bienvenue to the French Riviera | Rick Steves


I've left Italy and have arrived in the South of France. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of beaches, hill towns, and great meals. The French Riviera has amazing scenery. From the beautiful (but grotesquely touristy) mountaintop...
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on Fri May 29 7:12 PM

In “Orient,” the North Fork of Long Island gets the Agatha Christie treatment


Christopher Bollen on building a whodunit, interviewing Mailer & Didion, the "horror" of spotty cellphone service
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on Fri May 29 6:41 PM

Pope Francis Resurrects Liberation Theology -- Without Marx | Nathan Gardels


If communism is "The God That Failed," liberation theology is the gospel that has succeeded. Marx may be dead, but the cause of the poor and oppressed has been resurrected. This is the message the Argentine pope, Francis, sent by canonizing...
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on Fri May 29 6:20 PM

How Did The Ancient Vikings Make This Super-Strong Sword?


When we look at the history of new technologies, we tend to think of only our most recent past. But more than a thousand years ago, blacksmiths succeeded in making a set of ultra-strong swords — that are tricky to re-create even today. Read more...
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on Fri May 29 5:30 PM

Tim Sherwood: Aston Villa need to lose their losing mentality in FA Cup final | Football


• Villa will be ‘huge underdogs’ against Arsenal at Wembley, says manager• It is 58 years since Villa won the FA Cup Continue reading...
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on Fri May 29 5:30 PM

Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín fast-tracked to Wembley after breakthrough season | Football


The former Barcelona youth player has seized his chance to shine at right-back for Arsenal and now looks forward to his first FA Cup finalAs Héctor Bellerín boards the bus bound for Wembley on Saturday, it will be impossible for him...
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on Fri May 29 3:36 PM

Pope Francis To Greet Children Of Prisoners With Train Ride, Colorful Kites


VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis wants to treat the children of Italian prisoners to a train ride within the Vatican walls, a gesture intended to draw Catholics’ attention to Jesus’ command to minister to prisoners and the poor. On Saturday...
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on Fri May 29 2:04 PM

Texas InsiderIt’s Time to Drain the Swamp in Syria


By Rep. Will Hurd For almost a decade, I chased al-Qaida as an undercover case officer for the CIA. I learned how they operated and watched them communicate a message of hatred for our nation and for freedom. Back then, their methods for...
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