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on Fri Jul 17 8:31 PM

O'Malley relying on Md. for campaign cash


Martin O'Malley is relying heavily on Marylanders to finance his long-shot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, an analysis of his most recent data shows, an indication that his campaign is struggling to build momentum in donor-heavy...
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on Fri Jul 17 4:59 PM

Ridge gathers supporters for Jeb Bush


Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge is getting the band back together - for Jeb Bush in 2016. Some 40 Ridge loyalists gathered for a breakfast meeting Friday at the Union League in Philadelphia to discuss how to build fund-raising and political...
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on Fri Jul 17 4:57 PM

Propeller falls off plane, slices through roof of New York home


Single-engine plane was flying 28 miles northwest of Albany when the pilot reported having engine trouble
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on Thu Jul 16 3:37 PM

More indictments likely over Maryland girls missing 40 years | Reuters


RICHMOND, Va. (Reuters) - More suspects are likely to be charged in the 1975 disappearance of two young Maryland sisters, with a cousin of the man charged in the case a focus, authorities said on Thursday.
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on Thu Jul 16 3:05 PM

State Sponsorship Of Terror Disqualifies Iran From Good-Faith Agreements


I will only support this deal if it meets the simple benchmark of forever preventing a nuclear Iran.
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on Thu Jul 16 2:35 PM

PA-8: Q2: Naughton vs. Santarsiero Fundraising Breakdown


Round two of a five-round fiscal fight.
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on Thu Jul 16 12:36 PM

Van Hollen calls for anti super PAC pledge


WASHINGTON -- Rep. Chris Van Hollen on Thursday called on his opponent in the Maryland Senate race, Rep. Donna F. Edwards, to sign a pledge that would limit the amount of third-party money flowing into the state's marque political contest.
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on Thu Jul 16 11:23 AM

Activists rally against gerrymandering in Annapolis


Activists for redistricting reform held a mock celebration of the birthday of early American Vice President Elbridge Gerry in Annapolis Thursday to call for an end to the legislative redistricting ploy that bears his name -- gerrymandering.
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