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on Thu Aug 21 4:06 PM

PA-8: Strouse Creates Anti-Fitzpatrick Website


The Democratic nominee has set up the page “Fitz’s Fibs” to try to poke holes in the Republican Congressman’s record.
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on Thu Aug 21 12:28 AM

'No' Sheriff in Town: Some Lawmen Refuse to Enforce Federal Gun Laws


A growing numbers of sheriffs are saying they won't heed U.S. restrictions on guns, saying they violate constitutional guarantees.
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on Wed Aug 20 9:27 PM

Maryland to GOP candidate: You have 30 days to pay taxes


The state of Maryland is attempting to collect back taxes it says are owed by Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein, according to the head of that state's tax department.
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on Wed Aug 20 8:23 PM

Commission examines Pennsylvania school funding


HARRISBURG - A state commission charged with recommending a school funding formula heard testimony Wednesday about the history and complexity of paying for public education in Pennsylvania. The group of Corbett administration officials and...
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on Wed Aug 20 8:58 AM

8/20 Morning Buzz | PoliticsPA


Rendell criticizes Ferguson’s response, labor unrest could threaten Philly’s 2016 DNC bid and we ask our readers whether there should be a lieutenant gubernatorial debate. Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz!
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on Wed Aug 20 4:33 AM

Fall trial possible for Washington


The corruption trial of State Sen. LeAnna M. Washington could start in October or November, a Montgomery County Court judge said Tuesday.
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on Tue Aug 19 1:36 AM

'Fat cats' and labor spats figure in convention choice


The Democrats left, and the Carpenters union came back. With an inflated "fat cat" figure, a sound system, banners, and signs, about 50 carpenters protested outside the Convention Center on Friday afternoon, pressing the state authority...
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on Mon Aug 18 4:38 PM

Does your neighborhood liquor outlet sell to minors?


SPRINGFIELD - Monday, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission released a report after conducting compliance checks in 342 businesses licensed to sell liquor. The ILCC cited 47 outlets for liquor control law violations. Eighty-six percent of the...
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on Sun Aug 17 10:30 PM

Shakespeare Says 'Lets Kill All the Lawyers,' but Some Attorneys Object


Attorneys object to the interpretation of Shakespeare's line, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." They say the Bard wasn't knocking lawyers, but defending them.
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on Wed Dec 31 7:00 PM

Montgomery schools adopt new code of conduct


ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Montgomery County schools have issued a new code of conduct that emphasizes disciplinary measures that allow students to learn from mistakes. The board has urged school systems to take a more rehabilitative approach to...
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