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on Tue Sep 22 6:55 PM

Pennsylvania prosecutors consider boss' suspension order - | Charleston, SC


The office of Pennsylvania's attorney general began Tuesday trying to figure out how to comply with a state Supreme Court order to suspend her law license as it prepares to widen a pornographic email scandal that has...
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on Tue Sep 22 3:32 PM

Artur Davis wants to be a Democrat again


It's head-spinning to square where Artur Davis was seven years ago with where he is today. Then, he was a rising star in Congress. Today, he holds no office. Then, Gwen Ifill held him up as a shining example of the new black Democrats. Today, he's...
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on Tue Sep 22 8:48 AM

Teens Need More Sleep, But Districts Struggle to Shift Start Times


Transportation costs and family schedules are among the factors that make changing school start times tough for educators.
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on Tue Sep 22 5:34 AM

Next act in Kane drama is NSFW


A.G. Kathleen Kane’s law license has been suspended. But she’s sitting on a trove of potentially damaging emails. What’s next?
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on Mon Sep 21 9:15 PM

Court suspends Pennsylvania attorney general's law license - | Charleston, SC


Pennsylvania's highest court on Monday ordered the temporary suspension of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's law license, a step that could trigger efforts to remove her from office as she fights perjury,...
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on Sun Aug 23 12:08 AM

Polls Reveal Nuanced Views on K-12


The latest opinions polls from PDK/Gallup and Education Next gauge public sentiment on a range of heated education issues, including common-core standards, standardized testing, and school choice.
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on Thu Aug 6 5:31 PM

Edwards: Dems need to reach out to black voters


Maryland Senate candidate Donna F. Edwards said Thursday that the Democratic presidential field should be doing more to court African American voters and connect them to national progressive policies.
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on Wed Aug 5 6:52 AM

David Anderson to enter 8th District race


WASHINGTON -- David M. Anderson, a senior vice president at the Washington Center and an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, said he will enter the race for the Democratic nomination in Maryland's 8th Congressional District.
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on Sat Apr 11 6:51 AM

Meet Danielle Meitiv: Fighting for Her Kids’ Rights


Danielle and Alexander Meitiv have been giving their children some of the same freedom that they themselves enjoyed as children, in a world that is safer than the one in which they grew up. As a consequence, they have been visited by police, and...
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on Wed May 21 3:12 PM

Write-in effort looking good for Beyer in 131st state House district


Preliminary numbers from Lehigh County suggest Democrat Michael Beyer is well on his way to compiling enough write-in votes to put his name back on the the ballot in the 131st Legislative District. A preliminary count gave Beyer 584 write-in...
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