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on Fri Mar 6 2:53 PM

Seven Spectacular Wildlife Phenomenons to Experience | Jacada Travel


Witness some of planet's greatest wildlife spectacles, from the gathering of Antarctica's emperor penguins to the migration of immense herds on the African plains. 1. ANTARCTICA The Migration of Emperor Penguins This species of penguin is...
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on Fri Mar 6 2:05 PM

Obama ‘Very Doubtful' Sasha And Malia Will Seek Public Office


Though they will have spent their adolescence in the White House, President Barack Obama said Friday that he's "very doubtful" his daughters, Sasha and Malia, will run for office one day. "I think that everybody’s got a way to give back. I am...
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on Fri Mar 6 12:54 PM

25 Stunning Photos That Will Enrich Your International Woman's Day | The GypsyNesters


What a meaningful way to celebrate International Women's Day! I was filming Maasai for an NGO and came up with the idea to shoot outdoor portraits with studio light. This photo of communication between mother and daughter was taken in the...
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on Fri Mar 6 10:55 AM

Pioneering Women on Safari | Jacada Travel


It's no longer a man's world. Here are just some of the inspiring women forging a career for themselves as guides and rangers in the African bush. Jennifer Denton of Mwiba Lodge When Jennifer Denton started applying for guiding jobs after...
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on Fri Mar 6 4:16 AM

Albino Rescued From Kidnappers in Machinga, Malawi Police Say


[Malawi24] Police in Machinga district have rescued a 12 year old girl with albinism after she was dumped by kidnappers who broke into the house where she and her entire family slept.
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on Thu Mar 5 7:01 PM

Latin American Herald Tribune - Over 40 Killed by Floods in Northern Tanzania


More than 40 people were killed and dozens were injured in floods triggered by heavy rains hitting northern Tanzania, local media reported on Thursday.
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on Thu Mar 5 8:16 AM

BBC News - Kenyan TV channels to return to air after digital dispute


Three popular Kenyan TV channels are due to return to air, ending a three-week protest in which they turned off their digital signals.
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on Thu Mar 5 6:43 AM

PR stunt hides a brutal truth about the ivory trade


Kenya's government relies on dramatic pictures of burning ivory to obscure any critical interrogation of its record.
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on Thu Mar 5 5:19 AM

The giant rats that save lives by detecting landmines - video | Global development


Using bananas and the small clickers used to train puppies, a team in Tanzania from the Belgian NGO Apopo is teaching dozens of African giant pouched rats to sniff out landmines. Apopo has already had great success reclaiming millions of square...
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on Thu Mar 5 3:56 AM Africa: Regional Integration in Africa


[SAIIA] The African Union's emerging 50-year development plan, Agenda 2063, aims to cap a century of the organisation's work with a thoroughly transformed continent. A central theme is the integration of the AU's 54 member states, opening up...
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