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on Mon Mar 23 6:57 AM

BBC News - Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in talks to end Nile dispute


Three African leaders are due to meet in Sudan to resolve a long-running dispute over the sharing of Nile waters and the building of Africa's biggest hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia.
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on Mon Mar 23 5:44 AM

Kikwete, Kenyatta Resolve Tourism Row


[Daily News] TANZANIA and Kenya have reinstated the status quo, allowing Tanzanian registered vehicles to access Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Kenya Airways to continue with normal flight operations in Tanzania.
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on Sat Mar 21 10:14 AM

Lions and tigers and bears, no more: Why countless species now face permanent oblivion


If current trends hold, our children may think of the T. rex and the rhino as co-occupants of a single Lost World
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on Sat Mar 21 9:12 AM

Africa is centre of a ‘wildlife war’ that the world is losing | Environment


A year on since 46 countries signed up to the ‘London declaration’ to eradicate the trade in horn and ivory, rhinos and elephants are still being pushed closer to extinctionThe northern white rhino is heading the way of the dinosaurs. With...
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on Sat Mar 21 6:03 AM

Low-Cost, Scalable Green Water Solutions a Boon to Sustainable Development in Africa


[SAIIA] The 22nd of March every year marks international Water Day. As the world celebrates its most important life-giving natural resource, it is important to take stock of Africa's water challenges and opportunities. Water is the pre-condition...
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on Sat Mar 21 5:05 AM

Judges Propose Ntaganda Trial Opening in Congo


[Hirondelle] Arusha -International Criminal Court (ICC) judges in charge of trying former Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda have proposed to hold his trial opening in Bunia, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, close to where his alleged...
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on Fri Mar 20 5:11 PM

The Happiest Countries in the World


Paraguay is the happiest country in the world, according to a 2014 Gallup poll of people in 143 countries.
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on Fri Mar 20 12:53 PM

Getting access to finance on fair terms in the developing world | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone


A Comic Relief funded partnership between Fairtrade Africa and Shared Interest Foundation is providing vital access to finance for farmers and handcraft makers in Africa Continue reading...
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on Fri Mar 20 10:45 AM

​Namibia's Liberation Struggle and the 2014 Elections


[allAfrica] "What do you think will be happening with the Namibian elections next week?" we asked Henning Melber at his Indianapolis hotel bar; we were all attending the Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association. Melber has long been...
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on Fri Mar 20 9:26 AM

Resolutions of the 8th Pan African Congress


[Fahamu] PAC The Pan African Congress was held 21 years after the previous one. Its resolutions capture the Congress's desire to re-ignite the Pan African spirit, enthuse commitment to our African identity and inject energy into the Pan-African...
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