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on Fri Oct 31 12:01 PM

Mexicans Are The Happiest People In A New Global Survey


While the wealthy who live in advanced economies say they are happier with their life situation, those living in emerging economies are close to the same level of satisfaction, according to a new Pew Research Center report. The survey asked...
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on Fri Oct 31 6:47 AM

How Paul Allen's $7 million and big data are combating Africa's elephant crisis


Africa's elephant population is in crisis Some 30,000 were killed for their tusks in 2012, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and by some estimates, the population could be decimated in a decade if poaching continues at this...
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on Fri Oct 31 6:06 AM

Fossil Fuels Won't Benefit Africa in Absence of Sound Environmental Policies


[IPS]Nairobi -Recent discoveries of sizeable natural gas reserves and barrels of oil in a number of African countries - including Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya - have economists hopeful that the continent can boost and diversify its largely...
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on Thu Oct 30 5:16 PM

World’s Most Haunted Cities – Intelligent Travel


These ten notoriously frightful cities, near and far, are beset with ghastly, ghostly close encounters.
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on Thu Oct 30 9:14 AM

Looming Military Offensives in South Sudan


[ICG]Warring parties in South Sudan's civil war are preparing for major offensives as seasonal rains ease.
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on Thu Oct 30 2:00 AM

How insects could feed the world | Emily Anthes | News


Is eating bugs the solution to feeding the worlds growing population of human beings and livestock? Emily Anthes chews on locusts, beetles, mealworms and more as she tries to find outAt first, my meal seems familiar, like countless other dishes...
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on Thu Oct 30 1:09 AM Uganda's Tough Land Questions


[Independent (Kampala)]Leaders need to champion radical reforms not play politics to please voters
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on Wed Oct 29 4:00 PM

Ebola fears ripple across continent to hurt east African tourism | Reuters


NAIROBI (Reuters) - East Africa's Serengeti and Maasai Mara safari parks are as far if not further from the Ebola outbreak in the west of the continent than much of Europe which supplies the tourists, but you'd hardly guess that from the slump in...
Read more App Brings Free Facebook, Wikipedia, BBC, Local Info Access To Tanzania App Brings Free Facebook, Wikipedia, BBC, Local Info Access To Tanzania

TECHCRUNCH | on Wed, Oct 29, 12:14 PM

 The cost of data access is one of the top obstacles to the developing world getting on the web, so today gave free data access to basic web services and local resources to Tanzania with the release of its app...
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on Wed Oct 29 3:53 AM

Mugabe Backs Wife's Mujuru Allegations, Warns Deputy


[New Zimbabwe]President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday effectively backed allegations by his wife that Joice Mujuru was plotting to force him out of power because he is too old and told his impatient lieutenant that "handina kwandinoenda" (I'm not going...
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