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49 minutes ago

When in Doubt, Blame It on the World Cup


Companies selling TVs, sports drinks and snacks scored, but the makers of washing machines lost out.
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North Korea Summer Camp - TIME

North Korea Summer Camp - TIME

TIME | on Wed, Jul 30, 11:36 AM

The camp was started to teach foreigners about the Hermit Kingdom and boasts access to a private beach and water slides
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on Wed Jul 30 9:38 AM

Analysts, MP Raise Questions Over Leaked Tanzania Gas Contract (Page 1 of 2)


[AlertNet]Dar es Salaam/Washington -A leaked contract showing ExxonMobil and Norway's Statoil will pay Tanzania no more than 50 percent of the profits from a natural gas field in the Indian Ocean has stirred a furore in the east African country.
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on Wed Jul 30 1:27 AM

Africa’s Great Apes On The Verge Of Extinction, Say Expert


According to a UN-backed report last month, experts predict that at the current rate, human development will have impacted 90% of the apes' habitat in Africa and 99% in Asia by 2030.
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on Tue Jul 29 7:40 PM

BBC News - British Airways to be sued over pilot abuse claims


British Airways is to be sued for damages over claims one of its pilots sexually abused children in African schools and orphanages.
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on Tue Jul 29 7:02 PM

Should Aston Villa players be allowed to take penalties in shootouts? | Football


Plus: which club has made the least successful record signing? And which country is the most likely to employ the same manager again and again and again? Continue reading...
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on Tue Jul 29 5:03 PM

The Commonwealth Cocktail - Business Insider


Bartenders beware — this might be the most complicated drink on earth. In celebration of the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, top Glasgow mixologist Mal Spence of the Kelingrove Café has created the Commonwealth...
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on Tue Jul 29 1:22 PM

Need a place to dump the kids? North Korean summer camp is open to all - Pacific


Summer camp in North Korea? It's got one — and it's got everything from giant water slides and a private beach to video games and volleyball courts. Oh, and, of course, a big bronze statue of the late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il...
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on Tue Jul 29 8:00 AM

Travelers Use LEGOs Instead Of 'Selfies' To Showcase Awesome Travel Photos


Why take selfies, when you can use LEGOs? That's what two world travelers -- who go by the names Jesse Koltes and Ben Donahue-- did on their most recent travels. The duo didn't want to take annoying selfies on their trip, but definitely wanted...
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on Tue Jul 29 7:32 AM

Burundi Woman Models Future Of Farming In Lancaster


A woman from Worcester who fled conflict in Burundi will be honored at the White House Tuesday as a Champion of Change.
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