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on Thu Jul 24 12:46 PM

DoD: Thousands of Western passport holders in Syria fight


A top Pentagon official says Europeans fighting in Syria pose a terror threat to the U.S.
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on Wed Jul 23 2:15 PM

Hasibullah Yusufzai, of Burnaby, B.C., faces terror-related charge - British Columbia


A British Columbia man has been charged under a new anti-terrorism law for allegedly leaving the country to join Islamist fighters in Syria.
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on Wed Jul 23 10:07 AM

Afghanistan, Yemen Among US-honored Development Projects


The United States on Wednesday honored six development projects for helping some of the world's most politically fragile countries or poorest people, including a railway in Afghanistan and basic health and water services in Yemen. The projects,...
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on Wed Jul 23 7:56 AM

The chilling reason our government wants to erase this man from history


Why a government program called the "Communications Management Unit" is far more unsettling than its name suggests
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on Wed Jul 23 7:28 AM

Is Air Travel Safe?


Despite last week’s downing of a Malaysian jetliner over eastern Ukraine with the loss of all on board, aviation experts insist air travel worldwide remains, by far, the safest mode of transportation. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)...
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on Wed Jul 23 7:21 AM

Global terrorist death toll soars as attacks become deadlier


Data shows that deaths due to terrorist actions have risen 30 per cent compared to the previous five-year average
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on Tue Jul 22 11:18 PM

In international flight, volatile conflicts abound | Nation & World


In Libya, militias armed with shoulder-launched missiles are battling for control of the country's main airport. In Africa, the entire Sahel region is awash with weapons that include portable air defense systems leftover from the ouster of Moammar...
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on Tue Jul 22 1:30 PM

In the Heart of Mysterious Oman by Hugh Eakin


Hugh Eakin With the Gulf region, and much of the greater Middle East, entangled in civil strife and sectarian divisions, Oman looks increasingly like an anomaly. Dominated by formidable mountains and huge tracts of...
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on Mon Jul 21 12:32 PM

Flight MH17 and no-fly zones


Travellers crossing international borders by plane do not, generally, consider whether they might fly over dangerous areas. The destruction of…
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on Mon Jul 21 10:01 AM

Obama's drones program needs some real congressional oversight, and Ted Yoho's Drone Reform Act would make that happe...


The Central Intelligence Agency has, for years, been engaged in a secret drone war, carrying out operations in the Middle East to hunt down terrorist leaders. While it’s understandable that some measure of secrecy is needed to carry out its...
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