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on Wed Dec 17 7:02 PM

Latin American Herald Tribune - Antigua Excludes Citizens from 6 Countries from Citizenship Program


Antigua and Barbuda’s government said on Wednesday it was excluding citizens from six countries from applying to the Citizenship by Investment Program, or CIP, to “safeguard the integrity” of the offer.
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on Wed Dec 17 1:43 PM

What Happened to Arab Liberalism? - Elizabeth Dickinson


Four years after the Arab Spring, activists are trying to revive an enfeebled movement.
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on Wed Dec 17 1:11 PM

Birthday boy Pope Francis got cake, chicken and props for U.S.-Cuba deal


For his 78th birthday, Pope Francis got a cake, cards, a tango demonstration and a hat-tip from both President Obama and Raul Castro for his hand in renewing U.S.-Cuba relations The Vatican said Wednesday that the pope also received 1,760 pounds...
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on Wed Dec 17 10:23 AM

Children and Islam | Queen Rania of Jordan


Yesterday morning, all over the world, mothers kissed their children and waved them off to school, like they do every day of term, content that they would be safe in their classrooms and playgrounds. Yesterday afternoon, all over the world,...
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on Wed Dec 17 9:46 AM

VATICAN Pope: May God "convert the hearts of the violent who do not stop even before children"


Prayers "for the victims of inhuman terrorist acts in recent days in Australia, Pakistan and Yemen." Tango dancers, a cake and birthday wishes in all languages for Francis' 78 years. The "meditations" on the family during the general audiences are...
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on Wed Dec 17 8:00 AM

In Tragedy, Empathy Still Dependent On Proximity


Today’s Pakistani Taliban attack on a Peshawar school has resulted in the deaths of at least 145, many of them children. In Sydney, meanwhile, Monday’s fraught café hold-up left two innocent people dead. Then there’s Yemen. And Darfur. And...
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on Tue Dec 16 11:34 PM

TSA chief: Travelers from some nations targeted | Nation & World


The Transportation Security Administration needed an exemption from new Obama administration rules restricting racial profiling by the government so the TSA could target travelers for extra scrutiny based on their nationality and gender, the head...
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on Tue Dec 16 5:33 PM

Car Bombs in Yemen Kill Dozens, Including Schoolchildren


There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombings in the central city of Rada, but suspicion fell on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
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on Tue Dec 16 4:27 PM

Pennsylvania mass murder suspect's body found; Jeb Bush plans presidential run; 145 killed in Pakistan school attack:...


Pakistan Relatives of Pakistani student, Baqir Ali Bangash, 13, a victim of a Taliban attack in a school, carry his body for burial, during his funeral procession in Peshawar, Pakistan, Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014. Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run...
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on Tue Dec 16 3:22 PM

Car bombs hit school bus in Yemen; at least 15 girls die


SANAA, Yemen — A pair of car bombs in central Yemen today killed at least 25 people, nearly two-thirds of them schoolgirls whose bus was hit, Yemeni officials said.
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