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on Wed Apr 1 4:45 PM

Yemen ground operation carries major risks - Middle East


Saudi Arabia and its allies plan an ambitious ground offensive on multiple fronts in Yemen. It may be inevitable if they want to defeat Iranian-backed Shiite rebels but it also carries enormous risks, from the inhospitable, mountainous terrain and...
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on Wed Apr 1 4:02 PM

Economics Likely to Trump Politics in Turkey-Iran Rift


Turkey and Iran have accused each other of trying to dominate the Middle East as they back opposing sides in the crisis in Yemen, but the war of words is unlikely to permanently damage a relationship driven by deepening economic ties. Turkey's...
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on Wed Apr 1 2:50 PM

35 dead in Yemen after Saudi-led airstrikes hit near factory - Middle East


Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed Shiite rebel positions Wednesday across Yemen as a missile strike on a dairy factory killed 35 workers, authorities said, as both sides disputed who fired on it.
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on Wed Apr 1 12:49 PM

World's eight oil chokepoints - Business Insider


Over half of the world's oil supply moved through set maritime routes in 2013, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), often aboard massive tanker ships. To minimize costs, tankers transport oil along established paths that...
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on Wed Apr 1 11:49 AM

Why it's nearly impossible to sort out Mideast good guys and bad guys


Pretty much any effort to divide the Middle East into good guys and bad guys, democrats and tyrants, friends and foes to America will fail due to excessive complexity, shifting sands of interests and a great deal of b.s.-ing the public.The neocon...
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on Wed Apr 1 11:39 AM

Why ISIS Is Acting -- or Claiming To -- Outside of Its 'Caliphate' | Qasim Rashid


ISIS initially claimed its "caliphate" focused on an "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq. Today though, roughly nine months after last year's initial June 30 announcement, ISIS is acting -- or claiming to acting -- outside of its "caliphate." ...
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on Wed Apr 1 11:31 AM

Crisis in Yemen – the Guardian briefing | News


Proxy war in country between Saudi Arabia and Iran will fuel wider instability unless power-sharing can be agreed uponThe Arab world’s poorest and most misunderstood country has been facing multiple crises for years: a shortage of oil and water,...
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on Wed Apr 1 11:00 AM

Yemen war connects overarching Mideast issues - Opinion


This new war in Yemen, in which Saudi Arabia leads an alliance of 10 countries, is a big deal, with a potential to become even bigger.
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on Wed Apr 1 10:18 AM

No let-up in Saudi air strikes against Yemen


Saudis keep options open to combat Yemeni rebels
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on Wed Apr 1 8:30 AM

Dozens killed in Yemen dairy plant blast | World news


Some witnesses say dairy was hit by air strike and others blame rebel forces, while rights groups voice alarm about civilian casualties in conflict Continue reading...
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