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2 hours 1 minute ago

Iraqi Forces Retake Most of Baiji Refinery


Iraqi forces retook most of the country's largest refinery from Islamic State on Saturday, security officials said, reversing gains by the militants who seized parts of the sprawling complex this week. The insurgents attacked Iraq's Baiji...
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on Sat Apr 18 8:03 AM

Lebanese factions battle to control Yemen narrative


With tensions inflamed as the Saudi-led war in Yemen drags on, a fight for public influence is being waged in Lebanon.
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on Sat Apr 18 7:15 AM

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia pledges $274m to meet UN call for aid


Saudi Arabia, which is leading an air campaign against rebels in Yemen, has pledged the $274m (£183m; €255m) in aid to the country called for by the UN.
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on Sat Apr 18 6:46 AM

Iran, Saudis on Collision Course over Yemen


Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia continued to escalate Saturday, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slamming Saudi-led airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. "You planted the seeds of hatred in the hearts" of people in the region,...
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on Sat Apr 18 6:42 AM

Iran says Saudi Arabia “sewing seeds of hatred”


Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has lashed out at Saudi Arabia over its continued bombing of Shiite rebels in Yemen. Speaking at the annual Army…
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on Sat Apr 18 6:31 AM

Indian evacuation from Yemen: Last batch of evacuees arrive in Kochi


This is the last Indian evacuation from Yemen by the sea route. The two ships had left Djibouti on April 12.
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on Sat Apr 18 3:09 AM

Saudis answer UN call for aid to Yemen


Kingdom's pledge follows appeal for $274m to provide emergency assistance to millions affected by ongoing conflict.
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on Sat Apr 18 2:55 AM

Rouhani says Saudis will harvest hatred in Yemen - Middle East


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is harshly criticizing Saudi Arabia, warning that the Saudi royal family in Riyadh will harvest the hatred it is sowing in Yemen through its airstrike campaign.
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on Sat Apr 18 2:00 AM

Médecins Sans Frontières: the organisation at the heart of the Ebola outbreak


Médecins Sans Frontières helps anyone from victims of a war to injured terrorists. Martin Fletcher joins the volunteers in Freetown, where they are treating Ebola victims
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on Fri Apr 17 10:20 PM

Intense Yemen bombing, Qaeda attack after UN peace call


Sanaa (AFP) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for international action to end the Saudi-led air campaign on Huthi rebels as intense bombing hit Yemen again Friday and Al-Qaeda seized more ground in the chaos.Columns of smoke rose over an...
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