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on Tue Jul 29 7:02 PM

Should Aston Villa players be allowed to take penalties in shootouts? | Football


Plus: which club has made the least successful record signing? And which country is the most likely to employ the same manager again and again and again? Continue reading...
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on Mon Jul 28 5:43 PM

Eid Al-Fitr In Gaza And The West Bank Is A Day Of Sadness, Not Celebration, As Airstrikes Continue (PHOTOS)


JERUSALEM (RNS) In Beit ‘Anan, a small Arab village in the West Bank, Haya Dawod, and her extended family sit around a large round table in her parents’ dining room for the celebratory Eid meal. Monday (July 28) marked the first day of Eid...
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on Mon Jul 28 2:38 PM

Gaza's Wounded Children Celebrate Eid In Pediatrics Wing Of Shifa Hospital


Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr with outdoor prayers and picnics, but many of Gaza's children remain confined to their hospital beds for the holiday. Shifa Hospital's pediatric wing has been inundated with young victims since...
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on Mon Jul 28 12:03 PM

Opinion: How WWI gave us drones


Priya Satia says today's drones for bombardment and surveillance have their roots in the deadly history of Western aerial control of the Middle East that began in World War One
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on Mon Jul 28 10:36 AM

The Waste of War | Big Think


NEW YORK – Karl Marx famously wrote that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Yet when we look around nowadays, we can’t help but wonder whether tragedy will be followed by yet more tragedy. Here...
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on Mon Jul 28 6:46 AM

Muslims Mark End of Ramadan


Millions of Muslims across the world celebrated the start of the Eid al-Fitr holiday Monday that marked the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, but violence broke out in the Philippines and observances were somber in the Gaza war zone. About 50...
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on Sun Jul 27 8:48 PM

Can Lasers Make Airline Travel Safer? - Rafi Ron


Opinion: It's time to start investing in new anti-missile technology that's already available.
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on Sun Jul 27 6:01 PM

Can Iran build bridges to regional foes?


Islamic State extremists in Iraq have created a common enemy in the region. But Iran has to tackle deep distrust – and keep nuclear talks on track – to forge a new relationship with its Arab neighbors.
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on Sun Jul 27 1:02 PM

How to survive in post-constitutional America


What happens when the executive branch can play judge, jury and executioner in the war on terror?
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on Sun Jul 27 9:15 AM

Kidnapped Briton freed in Yemen after five months | World news


Teacher Mike Harvey was abucted by suspected tribal militants who it appears have now decided to free him Continue reading...
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