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on Fri Oct 24 6:10 PM

Saving lives and bearing witness in hot spots around the world


Watch Video | Listen to the AudioRELATED LINKSWorld leaders focus on Ebola threat and support at U.N. – Part 1 More hands-on help needed on front lines of Ebola outbreak – Part 2 Space-inspired safety gear, contamination-cleaning robots: How...
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on Fri Oct 24 11:08 AM
on Fri Oct 24 7:26 AM

Saudi Arabia convicts 27 for plotting attack on U.S. forces | Military Times


A court in Saudi Arabia sentenced 27 people to prison for planning a series of attacks against U.S.
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on Fri Oct 24 4:05 AM

Saudi Arabia’s Shias fear they are at mercy of region’s tumult


Death sentences for three Shia Muslims including a prominent dissident cleric suggest that the region’s wider turmoil is further hardening attitudes toward the sect in Saudi Arabia
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on Fri Oct 24 3:00 AM

Travel etiquette: how to avoid offending the locals


From rude hand gestures to fashion faux pas, our guide will help you avoid embarrassment on your next holiday
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on Fri Oct 24 2:03 AM

'Citizenfour' Follows The Snowden Story Without (Much) Grandstanding : NPR


Documentarian Laura Poitras found herself deep inside the story of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and his revelations about surveillance.
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on Thu Oct 23 11:38 PM

Tunisians Head to Polls Amid Concerns Over Economy, Security


Tunisians go to the polls Sunday to elect a new assembly, in the second free election since the uprising that ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. The vote is seen as a test of the transition to democracy amid a region in...
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on Thu Oct 23 9:30 PM

BBC News - Frank Gardner: Yemen at risk of civil war, says ambassador


Yemen is at risk of civil war. envoy says
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on Thu Oct 23 4:41 PM

Tunisia's transition test - Inside Story


Tunisians are about to vote for a new parliament, the second since sparking the Arab Spring in 2010.
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on Thu Oct 23 4:31 PM

Religious Community Skeptical of Lethal Drones | Rev. Richard L. Killmer


Since 2004, the United States, through the CIA, has conducted an estimated 400 or more drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Four of those strikes occurred just last month. Thousands of people have been killed, according to the Bureau of...
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