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Spacesuit Chic with Final Frontier Design

Spacesuit Chic with Final Frontier Design

SPACE.COM | on Thu, Aug 28, 4:04 PM

In 2009, two previously competing designers teamed up to build a spacesuit glove as part of a NASA competition. After taking home second prize and winning $100,000 for their high-tech creation, Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev decided to go into...
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on Thu Aug 28 12:30 PM

A smart necklace from Samsung? Really?


Samsung wants all your accessories to be smart. In addition to its Gear S watch, it introduced the Gear Circle -- Bluetooth-enabled earbuds with a magnetic clasp to go around your neck. And vibrates.
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on Thu Aug 28 11:32 AM

Apple's new iPhone might really, seriously have NFC this time (maybe)


Smartphone prognosticators have claimed for years that the next iPhone would have NFC for mobile payments, and for years they've written follow-ups explaining why it never happened. As always, there's plenty of NFC smoke in the air, but is there...
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on Thu Aug 28 11:12 AM

LG, Samsung Debut Smartwatches, Apple Lurks


LG's G Watch R and Samsung's Gear S do little to shake up the wearable market. Perhaps Apple's upcoming device will.
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on Thu Aug 28 8:00 AM

Samsung's Latest Smartwatch Can Make Voice Calls (Phone Scoop)


Samsung debuted a new smartwatch that can make and receive voice calls, as well as send and receive messages thanks to built-in 3G radios. The Gear S is based on Samsung's Tizen platform and features a 2-inch, curved Super AMOLED display with 360...
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on Thu Aug 28 7:42 AM

Samsung’s new Gear S smartwatch: just don't mention Dick Tracy | Technology


Unlike most smartwatches, Samsung has built a smartphone for your wrist complete with calls, messaging and web browsing Continue reading...
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on Thu Aug 28 6:48 AM

Apple's Smartwatch Announcement Triggers Chaos At Samsung And LG


Early reports of an Apple smartwatch sent the tech world into a frenzy yesterday, with LG and Samsung both appearing to have rushed out announcements of their own devices before the day was out. The day began with a report in Re/code from John...
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on Thu Aug 28 6:34 AM

New and Used Audi Allroad: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs


The Audi Allroad is a ruggedized version of the Audi A4 Avant wagon, a vehicle that hasn't been offered for sale in the U.S. in the current generation of compact Audi sedans. Instead, the Allroad pitches itself as a sensible SUV alternative, not...
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on Thu Aug 28 3:01 AM

South Korea's Samsung and LG unveil new smartwatches


Seoul (AFP) - South Korea's Samsung and LG unveiled new smartwatches Thursday with upgraded functions and design as they step up their drive to lead an increasingly competitive market for wearable devices.The "Gear S" is Samsung's first smartwatch...
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JPMorgan hackers altered, deleted bank records, says report

Syrian rebels take control of Golan Heights crossing with Israel

ASIANEWS | on Thu, Aug 28, 12:01 AM

After heavy clashes with Assad forces, Syrian rebels, including some liked with al Qaida, captured the post along Syria's de facto border with Israel in the Golan Heights.
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