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on Wed Feb 25 5:01 PM

Motorola Eyes First-Time Smartphone Buyers With New Moto E | News & Opinion


The new Moto E is on sale now in more than 50 countries for $150.
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on Wed Feb 25 3:44 PM

Pakistani Cellphone Crackdown May Fuel Black Market


As Pakistani cellphone users face a deadline this week to match their SIM cards with their fingerprints, analysts say the move by the government could further a black market in illicit communications. The Pakistani National Accountability Bureau...
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on Wed Feb 25 1:43 PM

Hands on with Motorola's second-generation Moto E Android smartphone


Smartphone makers often focus on making premium devices with big screens, gorgeous metallic designs and high-performance specs, although many — like Motorola — also build their brand by not neglecting the low end. With last year's...
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New Moto E Adds 4G LTE, Larger Display for $150

New Moto E Adds 4G LTE, Larger Display for $150

RE/CODE | on Wed, Feb 25, 1:14 PM

The new Moto E brings some welcome additions while still keeping a budget-friendly price tag.
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on Wed Feb 25 1:12 PM

Motorola's low-cost Moto E smartphone adds 4G, front-facing camera


Motorola is updating its low-cost smartphone, the Moto E, as it targets first-time smartphone buyers worldwide.
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on Wed Feb 25 1:09 PM

Motorola Moto E, 2nd Gen. (Phone Scoop)


Motorola's new Moto E handset improves specs across the board, including the screen, processor, and storage. It also adds LTE 4G. Here are our first impressions of Motorola's low-cost smartphone.
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on Wed Feb 25 10:36 AM

World’s leading Simcard maker confirms British and US spooks “probably” stole security codes


The Franco-Dutch world number one simcard maker Gemalto has concluded its own investigation into a hacking of its security codes. Last week an…
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on Wed Feb 25 9:51 AM

Motorola's budget Moto E gets LTE, a quad-core CPU, and more storage


Earlier this month, Best Buy accidentally (or not) published a listing online that outed an updated Moto E with LTE, more storage and a slightly bigger screen. The page disappeared tout de suite, but last week Motorola gave us a heads-up it was...
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on Wed Feb 25 8:10 AM

Gemalto Says SIM Hack Unsuccessful (Phone Scoop)


Gemalto, the maker of SIM cards, today said that though the NSA and British GCHQ "probably" attempted to steal SIM card encryption keys, they didn't succeed. Gemalto reports the NSA and GCHQ were able to break into its corporate systems, but could...
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on Wed Feb 25 6:04 AM

BBC News - Sim card firm links GCHQ and NSA to hack attacks


A Sim card maker at the centre of NSA-GCHQ hacking claims says it believes that the US and UK cyberspy agencies did attack it.
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