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on Wed Jul 30 4:51 PM

FCC Challenges Verizon Wireless on Data Throttling


The Federal Communications Commission has sent a strongly worded letter to Verizon Wireless asking why the company has made it a policy to throttle customers with unlimited data plans. The note, addressed to Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead and...
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on Wed Jul 30 3:02 PM

FreedomPop brings free voice and data plans to tablets | VentureBeat | Business


FreedomPop’s new voice and data plans means it won’t be long before you hear someone say “Call me on my tablet.”
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on Wed Jul 30 2:55 PM

Forget Lean and Agile – It’s Time to be Anticipatory | Big Think


We are all good at reacting and responding, putting out fires, and crisis management. In addition, organizations large and small have learned how to be lean and agile, and how to best execute a strategy at a high level. However, despite...
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on Tue Jul 29 11:57 PM

What the Cellphone Unlocking Law Means for You


A bill that will make it legal to unlock your cellphone is headed for U.S. President Barack Obama's desk. This is great news, but what does it mean for you? Will it actually impact how you can use your devices? The ability to "unlock" your...
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Going Where the Money Isn’t: Wi-Fi for South African Townships

Going Where the Money Isn’t: Wi-Fi for South African Townships

RE/CODE | on Tue, Jul 29, 8:00 AM

Mobile is a massive accelerator when it comes to closing economic divides.
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on Mon Jul 28 1:00 PM

New To Android? Make Your Smartphone Work For You, Not Against


If this article’s title caught your attention, I’ll bet you have received your first smartphone recently and have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps your children convinced you to finally upgrade from a feature or “dumb”...
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on Mon Jul 28 7:54 AM

Smartphones + LINE Drive Online Sales in Thailand


Mobile sales increased 300% on shopping site  in 2013 
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on Sun Jul 27 3:05 PM

Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot, bums 1st ride - Nova Scotia


It didn't take long for a little robot attempting to hitchhike across the country relying on the kindness of strangers to get its first ride.
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on Sat Jul 26 1:41 PM

5G Network Speed - Business Insider


It’s hard to imagine a world in which our smartphones are faster than they already are today.  You can already reach for your phone, ask Google a question, and receive the answer within seconds. The forthcoming generation of wireless...
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on Tue Nov 26 9:03 PM

Republic Wireless Moto X - Smartphone With Wi-Fi Smarts - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology


Republic Wireless is offering a clever, modern service on a good smartphone, and is showing that Wi-Fi calls can be as good as cellular ones.
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