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on Wed Oct 22 2:47 AM Gameday | Gameday


The 1985 Royals lost Game 1 of the World Series at home. Heck, they lost Game 2, too. And we know how that one turned out. So the Royals need look no further than their own organizational history to know they can recover from the drubbing they...
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on Tue Oct 21 9:01 PM

The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 review


It's a conflicting time for Apple. On one hand, it's a joyous occasion for the company because its latest iPhones, which come in larger screen sizes than the last, set new sales records worldwide; but on the other hand, its lineup of iPads just...
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on Tue Oct 21 5:01 PM

Senator Pushes Comcast to Eschew Internet Fast Lanes | News & Opinion


Sen. Leahy is concerned that Comcast might give in to paid prioritization deals on the Web if the price is right.
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on Tue Oct 21 10:31 AM Zimbabwe: From Wife-Beaters to Peace-Preachers


[IRIN]Marondera -Jairos Maruwe used to beat up his wife so badly he once knocked her unconscious and broke her arm. It landed him in jail at least once, but it was the way he was raised.
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on Mon Oct 20 10:25 PM Gameday | Gameday


Six days after celebrating an American League pennant in front of their own fans by dispatching the Orioles, the Royals will host the Giants in the first World Series matchup between the clubs. First pitch in Game 1 of the best-of-seven series is...
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on Sat Oct 18 11:30 AM

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Internet Freedom, Here's How


ACTA and SOPA might be dead and buried, but the specter of draconian copyright law still lingers, as the leak of the latest draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty shows us. The treaty – currently being written and developed by twelve...
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on Fri Oct 17 6:16 PM

'How To Get Away With Murder' Perfectly Takes On The Western Beauty Myth


ALERT: The following piece and video contain spoilers for Thursday's episode of "How to Get Away with Murder." Hit Shondaland drama "How to Get Away with Murder" continues to establish itself as one of television's most progressive shows, and...
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on Fri Oct 17 1:00 PM

Netflix forces French industry to rethink digital landscape


The launch of Netflix has prompted French industryites and lawmakers to think harder about solutions to modernize the country’s digital landscape. So it’s no coincidence that the annual Rencontres Cinematographiques de Dijon, a three-day...
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on Fri Oct 17 3:03 AM Gameday | Gameday


The Cardinals' 90-win season -- one in which they secured a second straight NL Central title by overcoming several key injuries and an inconsistent offense -- ended with a 6-3 walk-off loss in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series on...
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on Thu Oct 16 2:57 PM

Apple, FBI Battle Over High-Tech Privacy Turf


What began as a software tweak by Apple to increase security on devices running iOS 8 has spilled into a heated debate between the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and high-tech corporations over how much personal information law enforcement...
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