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on Fri Jul 3 9:25 AM

Theresa May named internet villain of the year | Technology


Home Secretary receives gong for going ahead with ‘snooper’s charter’, while MPs Tom Watson and David Davis are ‘heroes’ for challenging surveillanceThe Home Secretary, Theresa May, has been named the UK internet industry’s villain of...
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Leave Confederate Flags at Home

Leave Confederate Flags at Home

THE WRAP | on Thu, Jul 2, 7:48 PM

Following weeks of debate over whether the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride or one of racism, the second-biggest professional sports franchise in the U.S. behind the NFL in terms of TV ratings has revised its prior stance on the...
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FBI Probes Fiber-Optic Internet Saboteurs In California | Fast Company

FBI Probes Fiber-Optic Internet Saboteurs In California | Fast Company

FAST COMPANY | on Thu, Jul 2, 5:15 PM

The suspects attacked the fiber-optic cables that carry the Internet—the eleventh such incident in the past year.After a mysterious Internet outage this week affected customers in the San Francisco Bay Area—even reaching as far as...
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on Thu Jul 2 1:59 PM

A Muslim mayor of London would 'send message to the haters', says Sadiq Khan | Politics


Electing Muslim mayor would ‘say something about our confidence as a city’, says prospective Labour candidate Sadiq KhanA Muslim mayor of London would send a message to all “the haters in Iraq and in Syria” that the city is a beacon of...
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on Thu Jul 2 5:04 AM

Troopers warn, educate drivers on first day of "move over" law


ISP Sgt. Todd Ringle says at least three drivers were issued written warnings for failing to move out of the left lane.
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on Wed Jul 1 5:01 PM

AWS Glitch Hits Netflix, Pinterest | News & Opinion


The outage took down Netflix, Pinterest, and possibly Apple's newly launched Beats 1 radio station.
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on Wed Jul 1 1:23 PM

The cable box might solve the Internet of Things' biggest problem


The issue with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected home is that they're not even remotely connected. At least not seamlessly. Thanks to competing communication protocols and manufacturers building closed ecosystems, you need a new app...
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on Mon Jun 29 8:30 AM

Social Life Management launches its service so nobody thinks you're a dog | VentureBeat | Marketing


EXCLUSIVE: That famous New Yorker cartoon from the early days of the Web -- "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" -- is in serious need of updating.
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on Sat Jun 27 10:07 AM

Net neutrality report to be out soon, waiting for TRAI, says Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad


The telecom department, which had set up a panel to look into the net neutrality issue, submitted its report to Mr. Prasad earlier this month.
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on Fri Jun 26 9:00 AM

How States Are Fighting to Keep Towns From Offering Their Own Broadband


by Leticia Miranda Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted to ease the way for cities to become Internet service providers. So-called municipal broadband is already a reality in a...
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