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on Wed Sep 30 2:37 AM

Microsoft addresses the Windows 10 privacy paranoia


It’s not hard to get people riled up about Internet privacy. Privacy policies can seem long and technical, and it’s easier to listen to the digital shouts of the Twittersphere and the media. After Windows 10 was released this summer,...
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on Wed Sep 30 1:02 AM

Latin American Herald Tribune - Google Unveils 2 New Nexus Phones (VIDEO)


Google unveiled on Tuesday its two newest smartphones, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, which come with more powerful cameras, a fingerprint sensor and a USB port that speeds up battery charging.
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on Tue Sep 29 10:41 PM

Edward Snowden joins Twitter, immediately gets more followers than NSA


Edward Snowden, the fugitive who exposed the mass-surveillance practices at the National Security Agency, is now on Twitter, and he already has more followers on the social network than the NSA. His account, which has been verified by Twitter as...
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on Tue Sep 29 8:16 PM

Training programme for engg. students inaugurated


The State government’s Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) in association with Samsung has launched a week-long training programme for final year engineering students on innovative dig...
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on Tue Sep 29 5:40 PM

Google Maps now works on the Apple Watch


Sure, Apple Maps has improved significantly in the past few years since it launched, but for many Apple users it still doesn't hold a candle to Google Maps. But if you're an Apple Watch user who wanted to use your watch for directions,...
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on Tue Sep 29 5:15 PM

Google and LG's 5X is the Nexus for the rest of us


When Google (and Motorola) showed off the Nexus 6 last year, most nerds were excited. Others, making up a surprisingly vocal minority, reacted as though the companies dropped ice cubes down the backs of their shirts. Bigger isn't always...
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on Tue Sep 29 4:38 PM

Meet Google's New 'Pixel C' Tablet


The convertible tablet is reminiscent of the Chromebook Pixel, but uses Android as its operating system.
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Have an Android Device? Chromebooks Are the Perfect Companion

Have an Android Device? Chromebooks Are the Perfect Companion

MAKEUSEOF.COM | on Tue, Sep 29, 4:00 PM

Frankly, there are many reasons to consider checking out a Chromebook. But here’s a big one: they’re ideal companions for Android devices. So if you’re rocking an Android smartphone or tablet, you might enjoy using a Chromebook...
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on Tue Sep 29 3:55 PM

Google finally has a Surface competitor in the Pixel C


Say hello to the first-ever Android tablet built by Google. It's the Pixel C, and just like how the Chromebook Pixel was the creme de la creme of Chromebooks, the Pixel C looks to be Google's attempt at making the best-ever 2-in-1...
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on Tue Sep 29 3:24 PM

Apple won't merge iOS and OS X


Now that Apple is blurring the lines between its mobile tablets and PCs with the iPad Pro, it's tempting to imagine iOS and OS X merging into a single operating system (Windows 10-style) that works on virtually every device the company makes....
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