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on Fri Nov 21 6:55 PM

Europe Can't Split Google In Two Anyway, These Antitrust Experts Say


The European parliament is thinking about making a ruling that Google split off its search engine from other parts of its business, according to a report today in the Financial Times.  But we were wondering: how can Europe order an American...
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on Fri Nov 21 6:32 PM

United Airlines extends onboard streaming to Android devices


United Airlines customers can now use Android devices to wirelessly stream movies and TV shows from the airline's free on-demand video entertainment service, the Chicago-based carrier said Friday.
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on Fri Nov 21 4:38 PM

AT&T is sending back early Nexus 6 units over a bug


If you're an AT&T customer eager to get your hands on the over-sized Nexus 6, get ready to wait a bit. AT&T stores are apparently returning the first crop of Nexus 6 units to Motorola over a software bug, Droid Life reports. And it'll...
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on Fri Nov 21 3:26 PM

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge launch delayed until December 12th in the UK


We've a bit of bad news for anyone who wanted to pick up Samsung's unusual Galaxy Note Edge next week. We knew something was up when the original pre-order date of November 14th rolled around and the curved curiosity was a no-show. A Samsung...
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on Fri Nov 21 3:08 PM

Why Hasn't Samsung's 'Tizen' Operating System Taken Off?


Is there really room for a third mobile operating system after Apple's iOS and Google's Android? For years, Samsung has thought so -- but it has yet to deliver.
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on Fri Nov 21 5:41 AM

Google Looks to Get Back Into China


Google is considering bringing a version of its Play mobile-app store to China, a tentative but important step back into a country that Google mostly exited in 2010.
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Google, Rockstar Agree to Settle Patent Litigation

Google, Rockstar Agree to Settle Patent Litigation

RE/CODE | on Thu, Nov 20, 4:23 PM

The Rockstar consortium, which includes Apple, alleged that Google's Android operating system infringed on some of the patents the group acquired from Nortel.
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on Fri Mar 21 7:41 PM

Apple considering a Spotify rival and iTunes Android app


The company is in talks to launch an on-demand streaming music service in order to battle US declines in iTunes downloads, according to Billboard.
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on Fri Mar 21 6:13 PM

Dolby to put Atmos surround sound on tablets, smartphones


The immersive audio that makes moviegoers feel like they're inside the film rather than just watching it will be available for Dolby partners to incorporate on mobile by the end of the year, Dolby says.
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on Fri Mar 21 3:22 PM

Microsoft: Here's $100 if you drop Windows XP


Hey XP users, time to move on -- Microsoft is saying in no uncertain terms by offering $100 off a new PC.
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