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on Fri Jul 24 6:01 PM

Flash back, Flash forward -


The life and uncertain future of Adobe’s troubled Flash Player.
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on Fri Jul 24 5:00 PM

Kids React to First-Gen Apple iPod | News & Opinion


"It's like a cinderblock," one seven-year-old said of Apple's original MP3 player.
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How to Upgrade to Windows 10 & Take Settings and Apps with You

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 & Take Settings and Apps with You

MAKEUSEOF.COM | on Fri, Jul 24, 12:30 PM

Windows 10 is coming and you have a choice to make. Either you upgrade your existing Windows installation, or you can install Windows 10 from scratch. Here’s how to get Windows 10 without losing your favorite software and settings....
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on Fri Jul 24 11:49 AM

Is Google About To Be Dethroned? Social, Search And Legal Threats Collide


A perfect storm of competition and legal threats is starting to impose on Google’s territory.
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on Fri Jul 24 11:00 AM

LG Tribute 2 for Boost Mobile (Phone Scoop)


This low-cost Android smartphone targets the budget buyer with its entry-level specs, but the LG Tribute 2 is hardly an upgrade from last year's model. Find out if we recommend the Tribute 2 in this full review.
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on Fri Jul 24 10:35 AM

Drone of the Day: Blackjack


The Blackjack (RQ-21A) was deployed last year. For the Navy and Marine Corps, it fulfills a requirement for a small tactical unmanned aircraft system (STUAS) to follow-on to the ScanEagle . And it is the first military drone that is open...
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on Fri Jul 24 10:30 AM

years in the making, but still not consumer-ready


The smartphone arena is dominated by two operating systems. Gartner's latest figures show that during the first three months of 2015, iOS and Android devices accounted for almost 97 percent of global smartphone sales. With established alternatives...
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on Fri Jul 24 9:31 AM

Joaquin Phoenix of 'Irrational Man' is simply drawn to the complex - Military Life


Joaquin Phoenix had just claimed his first victim of the day, or so it seemed when an angry interviewer emerged from the actor's hotel room.
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on Fri Jul 24 9:15 AM

The payment app of the future will not be a payment app


The use of mobile payments is rising rapidly. The Federal Reserve found that 22 percent of cell phone owners in the US reported having made a mobile payment in 2014, up from 17 percent in 2013 and 15 percent in 2012. That is almost a 50 percent...
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on Fri Jul 24 9:10 AM

Fire Phone one year later: Why Amazon's smartphone flamed out


The failure of the Fire Phone, which hit the market a year ago on Saturday, offers some lessons on what companies need to do -- and avoid -- when trying to create a successful smartphone.
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