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Uber Under Fire for Android Permissions

Uber Under Fire for Android Permissions

RE/CODE | on Wed, Nov 26, 6:52 PM

"Christ man! Why the hell would it want access to my camera, my phone calls, my wifi neighbors, my accounts, etc?"
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on Wed Nov 26 5:01 PM

EU Wants Google Search Results 'Forgotten' Globally | News & Opinion


Privacy watchdogs agreed on a set of guidelines to help implement the "right to be forgotten" around the globe.
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on Wed Nov 26 4:18 PM

New Cyber-Weapon Belies Spy Agencies’ National Security Claims


Washington’s cyber-spies haven’t been resting on their laurels. Computer security researchers have uncovered a powerful new malware built for spying. And its targets are far from the usual national security threats that intelligence agencies...
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on Wed Nov 26 1:45 PM

5 Tactics to Get Digitally Prepared for Black Friday Weekend


Regardless of where you sell your goods or services primarily, a little advanced digital preparation can help you take advantage of "Windfall Weekend."
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on Wed Nov 26 1:16 PM

OnePlus is opening a retail store in China


Still haven't scored an invitation for a OnePlus One, and missed out on the rare public sales? You may want to book a flight to China. OnePlus has revealed its first-ever retail shop, which will officially open in Beijing on December 20th. As you...
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on Wed Nov 26 12:55 PM

Why China Is Keeping the Heat on Microsoft


The company's travails follow tough talk on China by U.S. politicians
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Twitter to Start Tracking Which Apps Its Users Have Downloaded

Twitter to Start Tracking Which Apps Its Users Have Downloaded

RE/CODE | on Wed, Nov 26, 12:45 PM

A Twitter update allows the company to see what other apps you have on your phone.
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on Wed Nov 26 12:31 PM

New and Used Land Rover Discovery Sport: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs


The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a crossover SUV with seating for up to seven passengers. A turbocharged four-cylinder, a nine-speed automatic, and Haldex all-wheel drive make up the powertrain, at least in the launch model. The Sport is being...
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on Wed Nov 26 9:00 AM

How India's Reliance Games is using movies to become a global mobile game publisher (interview) | GamesBeat | Games


Manish Agarwal tells how the company made mobile games based on The Hunger Games, Real Steel, and Pacific Rim.
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on Wed Nov 12 1:00 PM

Review: Google Nexus 6 | WIRED


The new Nexus 6 from Google and Motorola is a great device that wins in most, but not all, respects. The operating system is great, but the hardware is a bit bulky and needs a faster camera. The post Review: Google Nexus 6 appeared first on WIRED.
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