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43 minutes ago

Latin American Herald Tribune - Apple Modifies iPhones and iPads Access Without User Authorization


Technology giant Apple has announced a modification in its new iOS 8 operating system for mobile phones, which prevents the company from accessing the devices without owner consent, a measure to hinder police snooping.
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1 hour 52 minutes ago

Emojiyo Gives Your Emoji Keyboard a Facelift


Until iOS 8, the native emoji keyboard was pretty much the only "fun" keyboard available on iOS. Now with the new operating system, developers can create custom keyboards. While we've seen everything from animated GIF keyboards to gesture-based...
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on Thu Sep 18 10:30 PM

Google to boost Android encryption, joining Apple


San Francisco (AFP) - Google and Apple said they are hardening encryption tactics on devices powered by their mobile operating systems and tossing away the keys.The move should mean that even the government with its court-issued warrants will be...
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on Thu Sep 18 8:36 PM

Google Follows Apple in Encrypting Phone Data by Default


Last night, Apple head honcho Tim Cook announced that iOS 8 will encrypt all your personal data by default , making it harder for the NSA to root through your stuff. Now, in a totally coincidentally timed move, Google's announced that Android L...
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on Thu Sep 18 7:11 PM

Android L to Have Encryption Turned On By Default (Phone Scoop)


Google today said that encryption will be turned on automatically in the next release of Android, which is expected to arrive next month. Encryption will make it harder for law enforcement to access user data on such devices. "For over three years...
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on Thu Sep 18 4:30 PM

Users are slower to adopt iOS 8 out of the gate compared to iOS 7's release | VentureBeat | Mobile


Tapjoy's data shows adoption on launch day is fairly sedate.
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on Thu Sep 18 4:11 PM
One Day In, iOS 8 Adoption Trails Pace of iOS 7, iOS 6

One Day In, iOS 8 Adoption Trails Pace of iOS 7, iOS 6

RE/CODE | on Thu, Sep 18, 1:30 PM

One possible reason is the large size of the download file.
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on Thu Sep 18 12:33 PM

With iOS 8 Update, Apple Will No Longer Provide User Data to Police


The vast record of information stored on Apple devices will only be available to users who possess a four-digit passcode.
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on Thu Sep 18 12:12 PM

Amazon Releases Small Army of New Kindles and E-Readers


Included are two devices under $100 as well as an all-new operating system, called 'Sangria.'
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