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on Sun May 24 8:00 PM

Can’t Lose Weight? Could Be Your Blood Sugar


By Lori Newman, Lifescript Staff WriterDiabetes has unique early warning signs in women, including frequent vaginal infections, inability to lose weight and fatigue. Avoid these and other symptoms with Dr. Ruchi Mathur’s tips in Ask the...
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on Sat May 23 10:09 AM

AmeriCorps Grantee Serves Up New Approach to Childhood Obesity


The kindergarten students at John Burroughs Elementary School are staying an hour later on this day – not to brush up on their reading or math skills, but to taste kale – many for the first time. “Yum, it tastes good,” said Robert Smith...
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on Sat May 23 2:31 AM

Heart failure victims require depression counselling


People with heart failure must be screened for signs of depression and offered counselling, scientists say.
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on Fri May 22 3:07 PM

'Thunder God' Plant Could Help with Weight Loss : Discovery News


An extract made from a plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine may help with weight loss.
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on Fri May 22 10:34 AM

Simplicity Works in Cancer Prevention -- For You and Your Kids | Graham A. Colditz


It's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy choices in your life. Every day, it seems, new studies come out that tout increasingly complicated regimens to follow: eat these three things, avoid these five things, get these tests...
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on Fri May 22 7:28 AM

If the law favours Big Tobacco over taxpayers, then the law is a disgrace | Owen Jones | Comment is free


Thanks to this upcoming £11bn lawsuit, we are about to find out whether the law values corporations over individualsDo property rights trump the health, wellbeing and lives of millions of people? Around 100,000 Britons die of smoking-related...
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on Fri May 22 6:30 AM

Three Important Things You Probably Don't Know About Diabetes


When we think of diabetes, we tend to think of rich people with poor lifestyles. A chronic disease linked with obesity, heart disease and worse outcomes for some infectious diseases, diabetes tends to be associated in our minds with wealth, excess...
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on Thu May 21 12:00 PM

Coffee May Help Men Keep Impotence at Bay: MedlinePlus


Study suggests caffeine may help maintain healthy blood flow and sexual function Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Caffeine, Erectile Dysfunction
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on Thu May 21 9:30 AM

20 Medical Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew


DISCLAIMER: This article is solely based on the medical benefits of marijuana. We are highlighting the positive aspects only, based... The post 20 Medical Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew appeared first on Lifehack.
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on Thu May 21 7:30 AM

7 Carb Myths You Should Know


Oh, carbs. Love ‘em or hate ‘em…  who are we kidding? You love ‘em. We all do. But are they... The post 7 Carb Myths You Should Know appeared first on Lifehack.
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