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on Tue Mar 3 12:45 PM

BBC News - How much coffee is good for you?


BBC News asks whether coffee really is healthy after a study appeared to show that moderate consumption may help people avoid heart disease.
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on Tue Mar 3 12:38 PM

High-salt diet could protect against invading microbes -- ScienceDaily


Most people consume more salt than they need and therefore have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, which are the two leading causes of death worldwide. But a new study reveals that dietary salt could have a biological advantage: Defending...
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on Tue Mar 3 10:59 AM

new model shows that filaments in heart muscle cells don't automatically keep the beat -- ScienceDaily


Each heart muscle cell consists of numerous parallel filaments comprising repeated subunits. When the heart beats, each individual filament contracts to produce muscle cell contractions. However, new research shows that the filaments in heart...
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on Tue Mar 3 10:00 AM

Fat? Sick? Blame Your Grandparents' Bad Habits


My mother and grandmother – image taken a few years before the start of Facebook. Rhett Allain Here is a fun plotting game (suggested by my colleague David Norwood). We all know that in the past there were not as many humans on Earth as...
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on Tue Mar 3 5:00 AM

Both low intensity and high intensity workouts effective for weight loss Medical News Today


Patients at risk for diabetes or heart disease may want to choose their workout intensity based on health goals, according to an article being published in Annals of Internal Medicine.
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on Mon Mar 2 6:24 PM

US spends more on cancer care, saves fewer lives than Western Europe -- ScienceDaily


Despite sharp increases in spending on cancer treatment, cancer mortality rates in the United States have decreased only modestly since 1970, a study has found. "Our results suggest that cancer care in the U.S. did not always avert deaths compared...
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on Mon Mar 2 2:00 PM

Nuts May Lengthen Your Life, Study Suggests: MedlinePlus


It hints, but doesn't prove, they might reduce risk of death from heart disease, other causes Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Diets, Heart Diseases--Prevention
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on Mon Mar 2 12:00 PM

Very Obese Kids May Face Higher Heart Risks Than Thought: MedlinePlus


Study found half had high blood pressure, half had high cholesterol and 15 percent were diabeticSource: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Heart Diseases, Obesity in Children
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on Sun Mar 1 7:00 PM

Repairing a Torn Meniscus |


By Lori Newman, Special to LifescriptYou don’t have to suffer with knee pain. A leading orthopedic surgeon discusses the latest techniques for repairing a torn meniscus and preventing arthritis in Ask the Doctor, a women’s health video...
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on Wed Dec 31 7:00 PM

The Health Benefits of Music


David Binanay started playing the violin when he was five. By age 12, he performed at the world famous Carnegie...The post Mozart as Medicine: The Health Benefits of Music appeared first on Lifehack.
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