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2 hours 47 minutes ago

Does This Weight Chart Make Me Look Fat? | Ann Brenoff


My doctor gave me one of those heart-to-heart talks: You need to lose some weight and exercise more, he said. The "or else" was implied. I know that being overweight increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and a million other bad...
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on Wed Jul 23 4:36 PM

Hispanic Americans need tailored heart care: report | Reuters


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Hispanic Americans make up the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. and healthcare professionals need to better understand their unique heart health risks in order to tailor their care, according to a new report...
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on Wed Jul 23 1:20 PM

5 Ways to Help Boost Your Happiness Right Now | Barbara Ficarra


Here are five simple ways to help boost your happiness right now. 1. Master the moment with wonderment and enthusiasm. "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." -- Socrates With mindfulness, relish and enjoy the simple things with wonderment and...
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on Wed Jul 23 12:23 PM

Childhood obesity means fewer recruits - Opinion


The first time a young person runs a mile in this country should not be when he shows up at recruit training.
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on Wed Jul 23 11:12 AM

Researchers unlock protein puzzle using brightly hued dyes -- ScienceDaily


By using brightly hued dyes, researchers discovered an innovative way to reveal where proteins touch each other, possibly leading to new treatments for cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even lung disease.
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on Wed Jul 23 10:59 AM

Life expectancy gains threatened as more older Americans suffer from multiple medical conditions -- ScienceDaily


With nearly four in five older Americans living with multiple chronic medical conditions, a new study finds that the more ailments you have after retirement age, the shorter your life expectancy. The analysis, one of the first to examine the...
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on Wed Jul 23 8:27 AM

Are These 10 Trendy Health Foods Worth The Hype?


Whether via your Facebook news feed, the juice store around the corner, or even in articles about healthy living, chances are you've heard of buzzword-y health foods like acai, spirulina and wheatgrass. You know these foods are healthy. But have...
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on Wed Jul 23 7:15 AM

Vitamin D Deficiency Common in Schizophrenia


A new study finds that vitamin D-deficient individuals are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as people who have sufficient levels of the vitamin. Vitamin D, produced by the skin after exposure to sunlight, helps the body absorb...
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on Tue Jul 22 3:25 PM

Gene variant identified as heart disease risk factor for women -- ScienceDaily


A genetic basis has been identified for heart disease in women. This new information helps to identify which women are more prone to heart disease, researchers report. The gene, when functioning normally, is activated in part by the hormone...
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on Tue Jul 22 2:00 PM

High-Salt Diets Could Double Risk of Heart Woes for Diabetics: MedlinePlus


Risk even greater for people whose diabetes isn't well-controlled, study finds Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Diabetes, Dietary Sodium, Heart Diseases
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