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on Fri Jul 24 8:45 AM

Similarities between PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury


New imaging studies on veterans show the complexity of brain networks believed to be involved in both post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Both conditions are associated […]
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on Thu Jul 23 10:10 AM

New insights into the circuitry of PTSD, mild traumatic brain injury -- ScienceDaily


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have devastating consequences. Both are associated with high rates of disability and suicide, and although they are separate conditions, they commonly co-occur. For example,...
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on Sat Jul 18 10:49 PM

'Ask the Question' can open doors for veterans outreach offers hope


There were two generals, two VA hospital directors, the state health commissioner and a slew of key providers at a military access summit last week to unveil new initiatives supporting those who have served.
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on Thu Jul 16 4:00 AM

New antibody treats traumatic brain injury and prevents long-term neurodegeneration


Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center discover how TBI leads to Alzheimer's disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathyNew research led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess...
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on Wed Jul 15 3:35 PM
Study: New Antibody Therapy Can Reverse Traumatic Brain Injury Damage (In Mice)

Study: New Antibody Therapy Can Reverse Traumatic Brain Injury Damage (In Mice)

WBUR | on Wed, Jul 15, 2:36 PM

Researchers report they've discovered the "missing link" between traumatic brain injuries and certain degenerative brain diseases, like Alzheimer's, and developed a special antibody that be used to help prevent the conditions -- at least in mice.
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on Wed Jul 15 1:35 PM

How TBI leads to Alzheimer's disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy -- ScienceDaily


Researchers have provided the first direct evidence linking traumatic brain injury to Alzheimer's disease and CTE and develop an antibody to treat TBI -- and prevent the development of these debilitating diseases.
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on Thu Jun 25 1:10 PM

'My Goal Right Now Is To Win This Election' : It's All Politics : NPR


In an interview with Morning Edition host David Greene, Sanders discussed foreign policy, racial tension and his 2016 chances.
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on Sun Jun 14 4:52 AM

Navy chief with brain injury fights back after losing promotion - Navy


Chief Petty Officer John Fleming had the kind of career you can bank on: Fast-track promotion, stellar evaluations through repeated combat deployments, a stack of medals and commendations including a Bronze Star with valor. Then Fleming started...
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on Sun Jun 7 6:30 AM

Sleep Benefits Memory Even After Brain Injury


After a concussion, a person can be left with disturbed sleep, memory deficits and other cognitive problems for years, but a new study shows that sleep can still help them […]
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