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on Tue Sep 2 2:25 PM

From ACORN to Obamacare: The ebb and flow of Republican Obama critiques


Remember Solyndra? It was a solar company that failed in 2011 after having received loan guarantees from the government and a vocal endorsement from President Obama. To Republicans, it best epitomized the failures of the administration -- at...
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on Tue Sep 2 10:18 AM

Another media personality marries into the very White House she reports on


Sleeping with the subject: White House chef Sam Kass married MSNBC's Alex Wagner Saturday CHICAGO - Perhaps the reason the public's not getting the whole story about ISIS, IRS scandals, Benghazi, the truth about the Veteran's Administration is...
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on Tue Sep 2 10:12 AM

Obama Uses His Infamous Pen For Green Energy Cronyism


IRS rules changes lower the threshold for wind power subsidies
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on Tue Sep 2 9:27 AM

Debt From KPMG Tax Shelter Survives Bankruptcy


Reading appellate tax decision, there is as bad as it gets, which is appealing your sentence after you have been incarcerated.  Almost as bad as it gets is appealing a bankruptcy court refusing to discharge your tax debt.  That is what...
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on Tue Sep 2 2:04 AM

Serious Lessons From Comedian Chris Tucker's $14 Million IRS Bill


Chris Tucker Owes Millions in Taxes, and Interest and Penalties Make it Worse. Here's What You Need to Avoid Following the Same Path.
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on Mon Sep 1 9:23 PM

Ask SCORE: Getting help with routine chores allows owners to focus on critical issues


There are many responsibilities that come with being a small-business owner, and each is critical to maintaining profitability and promoting growth.
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on Mon Sep 1 11:09 AM

Increasingly, High-Deductible Health Plans Weigh Down Employees


Just as employers replaced pensions with retirement savings plans, more large companies appear to be making a similar cost-sharing shift with health plans.
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on Mon Sep 1 8:26 AM
on Sun Aug 31 7:55 PM

$100 Million Later, The Ice Bucket Challenge May Not Lower Your Taxes After All


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Generated Unprecedented Hype and $100M in a Month. But Some People May Run Afoul of IRS Donation Rules.
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on Sat Aug 30 1:00 PM

Tax forms could pose challenge for


WASHINGTON (AP) -- If you got health coverage through President Barack Obama's law this year, you'll need a new form from your insurance exchange before you can file your tax return next spring. Some tax professionals are worried that federal and...
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