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on Sat May 23 9:12 PM

A tax fraud nightmare for grieving NH family


Lori Weeks and her husband are still grieving the loss of their 7-year-old daughter Madison in a two-car crash on a snowy February day along Route 202 last year. But their grief was compounded this spring when the Strafford couple filed their 2014...
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on Sat May 23 7:45 PM

Mower Meets Moonshine at a Museum for Country Star George Jones


The George Jones Museum has one boot in the old Nashville and one in the new, reflecting a city being remade with gleaming towers and one where country music is part of the DNA.
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on Sat May 23 6:47 PM

Sheriff's DUI technician among group accused of filing fraudulent income tax returns


A Broward sheriff's community service aide is part of a group accused of stealing people's identities and filing fraudulent federal tax returns on their behalf to rake in cash.
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on Sat May 23 9:41 AM

Nirvana: Winning The Lottery Where It's Tax Exempt


Win the lottery, and outrun the taxman? Not hardly.
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on Sat May 23 12:02 AM

Mpls. day care center accused of illegally billing state program


FBI finds big gap in number of kids vs. number reported to the state.
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on Fri May 22 9:51 PM

Vets challenge city's use of disability benefits as income


MORE THAN 40 years ago, Armand Lavoie and Joey Francis Sr. fought an intractable, merciless enemy in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This year, they're facing a foe that will likely prove just as intractable and merciless 8212 City Hall.
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on Fri May 22 3:25 PM

Texas InsiderSen. Cornyn, Rep. Johnson Reintroduce IRS Reform Act


Holding IRS Accountable & Fighting Waste, Fraud and Abuse Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) reintroduced the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)...
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on Fri May 22 3:15 PM

Michelle Obama Breaks the Rules by Garry Wills | NYRblog


Garry Wills In her May 9 commencement address at Tuskegee University, the historically black institution, Michelle Obama actually said (what I bet the students already suspected) that she is black. How dare she?...
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Liberal operatives paid big bucks by embattled pro-Clinton super PAC

Liberal operatives paid big bucks by embattled pro-Clinton super PAC

IWATCH | on Fri, May 22, 1:33 PM

Liberals have slammed Priorities USA Action, the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, for not raising enough money, but that didn’t prevent a pair of prominent Democratic operatives from scoring lucrative paydays with the group. Priorities USA Action...
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on Thu May 21 2:02 PM

A not-indicted Chris Christie says media owes him an apology


Hang on, we have to savor this for a while: Chris Christie says the media owes him an apology over the Bridgegate scandal. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. “I do believe there's an absolute bias and a rush to judgment. You all know this, you saw the...
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