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on Tue Jul 29 10:58 PM

Another View -- Betsy McCaughey: Our free lunch President


Obama administration wants to shift Social Security funds from the elderly to the disabled.
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on Tue Jul 29 9:33 PM

Georgia Democrat’s Senate Campaign Plan, Not Meant for Public Eyes, Is Published


The document said Michelle Nunn might be attacked as a “lightweight,” “too liberal” and “not a ‘real’ Georgian,” and laid out strategies to respond to criticism.
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on Tue Jul 29 7:54 PM

IRS Blesses Windstream Move to Cut Taxes by Forming REIT


Windstream's plan to spin off some of its telecommunications assets into a real estate investment trust comes as more U.S. companies seek to lower their taxes.
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on Tue Jul 29 6:55 PM

Obamacare architect caught in web of contradictions on subsidies: Kevin O'Brien


Hypocrisy, deception and double-talk have never been seen as disqualification for membership in the Obamacare sales force. In fact, they're standard tools of the trade. The president himself has employed them all continually and shamelessly. It...
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on Tue Jul 29 6:30 PM

Woman sentenced in federal identity theft case stole more than 700 identities


A West Palm Beach woman who stole more than 700 identities was sentenced on Tuesday to 5 years and 10 months in federal prison, according to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.
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on Tue Jul 29 1:35 PM

Impeachment talk is back. Here’s a timeline of how we got here. Again.


"It's all a scam started by the Democrats at the White House," House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) insisted Tuesday when asked about impeaching President Obama. "Why? Because they are trying to rally their people to give money and to show up in...
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on Tue Jul 29 10:34 AM

Unexpected Outcomes That Can Come From Non-Compete Agreements


During a recent meeting with the vice president of a large non-profit hospital chain, we discussed the organization’s aggressive acquisition of doctor clinics in their area. These physicians were coming from a culture of running their own...
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on Tue Jul 29 9:44 AM

Hedge Fund 'Basket' Options And The Second Hundred Years' War


As illustrated in a letter by Henry Morgenthau in 1937, very little has changed in the fight between taxpayers trying to minimize their tax burdens and a government trying to protect the tax base.
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on Tue Jul 29 9:30 AM

Kent Hovind's Battle With The IRS In Retrospect


In my post yesterday, I noted that Kent Hovind, Doctor Dino, is facing a new criminal charge related to filing a motion in defiance of an injunction.  I have been following this story for some time and thought that this might be a good point...
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on Tue Jul 29 7:48 AM

Opinion: What's wrong with 'Black Jesus'?


A Christian group's anger over the trailer for an upcoming TV show seems out of place, says Jay Parini
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