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on Fri Aug 29 6:09 PM

Vanessa Williams Slapped With Six Figure IRS Tax Lien


Vanessa Williams' Tax Lien May Be a Mistake, and Some Liens Are Wrong. But Usually They Mean the IRS Will Get Paid, Period.
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on Fri Aug 29 1:42 PM

Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » Question of the day


* From the Oberweis campaign… During his 32 years in Washington, Dick Durbin has jumped in front of every TV camera in production. So why is he shy about doing televised debates against Jim Oberweis? Durbin has agreed to only one Chicago...
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on Fri Aug 29 11:31 AM

Lowell Family Members Plead Guilty In Tax Scam


Four members of a Lowell family have pleaded guilty to charges they schemed to hide $25 million in wages from the IRS.
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on Fri Aug 29 11:13 AM

Credit Cards, The IRS, Form 1099-K And The $19,399 Reporting Hole


The form 1099-K confused taxpayers when it made its debut in 2012. Two years later, the form, meant to be used for reporting transactions made by credit card or third party processors like Paypal, is still confusing taxpayers - especially small...
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on Fri Aug 29 11:11 AM

The right’s “tyranny” paranoia: Why climate deniers are so afraid of Obama now


After a month of calling Obama a lazy checked-out president, conservatives are now angry that he's doing things
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on Fri Aug 29 10:15 AM

Tea Party Patriots Inc Dodging Tax On E-mail Fees?


Tea Party Patriots Inc has announced this week that it has a new funding source. Tea Party Patriots will be allowing third parties to send e-mails to its list in exchange for a fee.   TPP expects to generate between $500,000 and $1,000,000...
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on Fri Aug 29 8:59 AM

8/29 Morning Buzz | PoliticsPA


Wolf maintains wide lead over Corbett, we take a look at an internal Corbett campaign memo and profile Wolf’s campaign team. Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz!
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on Thu Aug 28 11:16 PM

Hampton woman who fatally struck pedestrian wants blood test thrown out of court


A Hampton woman charged with being intoxicated when she fatally struck a 57-year-old pedestrian with her car is arguing that police should have obtained a search warrant before taking a blood sample from her.
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on Thu Aug 28 8:00 PM

Sales tax should be collected on a restaurant service charge or mandatory gratuity, but that doesn't always happen.


Sales tax should be collected on restaurant service fees and mandatory tips.
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on Thu Aug 28 4:44 PM

Texas Insider » Lois Lerner Back on Hot Seat, Cong. Issa to Depose IRS Commish


Cong. Issa: “This time I intend to call IRS Comm. Koskinen back for deposition behind closed doors[1]…” Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — “There’s no such thing as Lois Lerner’s missing emails, it’s all been a big lie....
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