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on Fri Jul 24 3:40 PM

More city dwellers are embracing 'hobby farms': 'It's like we live in the country'


About an hour before the start of a spring storm, Dominique Salamone surveyed her three-quarter-acre Northridge yard and commenced an impromptu master class in suburban chicken raising.
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Harvey Weinstein: How Jerry Weintraub Made His Daughters Feel In Vegas

Harvey Weinstein: How Jerry Weintraub Made His Daughters Feel In Vegas

DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD | on Fri, Jul 24, 3:20 PM

Since Jerry Weintraub passed away, there have been several lively reminiscences of his larger than life journey that began promoting Elvis Presley concerts, to becoming the producer of films like Ocean’s Eleven. Many of the best stories...
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on Fri Jul 24 3:16 PM

Roskam: The IRS Can Use Audits to Target Americans.


WASHINGTON, DC - In what seemed like news to nobody but the Washington Establishment, it has been revealed yet again that the IRS[1] can use audits to target Americans. Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam appeared on Fox News[2]’ On the Record...
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on Fri Jul 24 12:00 PM

IRS Commissioner tells Noem IRS audit process remains at risk for abuse and targeting


IRS Commissioner tells Noem IRS audit process remains at risk for abuse and targeting Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, questioned IRS Commissioner John Koskinen yesterday on a new Government...
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on Fri Jul 24 11:44 AM

Rand Paul Destroys the Tax Code? Donald Trump Is Contagious!


I’ve predicted that it will take two years to start a serious discussion of reforming the tax laws and the agency that administers them. After watching Rand Paul’s latest video, I’ve pushed that back a decade.
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on Fri Jul 24 11:08 AM

Despite IRS Commissioner’s denials, new report shows problems remain at tax agency


WASHINGTON - There’s no problem with the Internal Revenue Service’s audit selection process, insisted IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Thursday morning at a Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. Koskinen said concerns raised by Congress and...
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on Fri Jul 24 11:01 AM
on Fri Jul 24 8:00 AM

Four federal agencies President Ted Cruz could do without


Who needs the federal government?
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on Thu Jul 23 8:25 PM

Border hawks get Trump Bump - Ben Schreckinger


Hard-line advocates of border security are enjoying a fresh burst of attention.
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on Mon Sep 22 12:20 PM

Obamacare's employer mandate is hurting workers and businesses, and Harry Reid is stalling on a legislative fix | Uni...


A little than a month after the Internal Revenue Service released guidance on Obamacare’s employer mandate, after prolonged delays unilaterally enacted by the administration, a coalition of business groups have launched a new campaign...
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