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on Sat Apr 25 3:15 AM

Japan's views of WWII history rankles some US veterans


Lester Tenney endured three hellish years as a Japanese prisoner during World War II, but with the passing of decades and repeated visits, he's made peace with his former enemy. Yet as Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo...
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on Sat Apr 25 1:13 AM

'The truth needs to be told' about Japan's war history, some vets say - Japan


As Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepares to address Congress next week, in the 70th anniversary year of the war's end, something rankles U.S. military veteran Lester Tenney about Japan's attitude toward its past.
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on Sat Apr 25 12:10 AM

4/24: Baltimore police release new video in fatal arrest; army Ranger school allows women a chance at history - Videos


The Baltimore Police Department released new surveillance images Friday in the case of Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured while in custody; for the first time the U.S. Army's elite Ranger School has allowed a select number of women to enter its...
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on Fri Apr 24 8:37 PM

Women face historic challenge at Army Ranger School


For the first time in its history, the Army has allowed 19 women to enter its grueling 62-day Ranger course
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Pigs, Hogs & Boars: Facts About Swine

Pigs, Hogs & Boars: Facts About Swine

LIVESCIENCE | on Fri, Apr 24, 8:19 PM

Pigs are mammals with stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes and large ears. They are highly intelligent, social animals, and are found all over the world.
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on Fri Apr 24 7:29 PM

China Blocks Entry of Former Tiananmen Leader


China has denied entry to a U.S. Army chaplain who was a student leader at the time of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Major Xiong Yan flew to Hong Kong from Seattle on Thursday, planning to enter China by land from Hong Kong. But as soon...
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on Fri Apr 24 7:05 PM

Getting aid to a war zone in a swarm of drones


The plan to get aid to Syria in a swarm of drones
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on Fri Apr 24 6:34 PM

Pentagon: Iranian ship convoy has turned away from Yemen - Middle East


The prospect of a U.S.-Iranian confrontation over the potential delivery of Iranian weapons to rebels in Yemen has receded, Pentagon officials said Friday.
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on Fri Apr 24 6:31 PM

Paratroopers fill the sky in awesome photo


Here’s a really cool photo showing US Army and British paratroopers jumping out of C-130J Super Hercules airplanes in a line at Fort Bragg. It was the largest jump exercise in 20 years at Fort Bragg and there are so many paratroopers filling the...
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on Fri Apr 24 2:54 PM

Cross-country search turns up photo of fallen Iowa soldier - Veterans


Cross-country efforts to track down a photo of an Iowa soldier who was killed in the Vietnam War have turned up an image of the man when he was 14 years old.
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