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on Tue Sep 29 6:00 PM

Obama, Castro meet on sidelines of UN General Assembly


The leaders of Cuba and the United States met for the second time this year.
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on Tue Sep 29 5:42 PM

Observers Have Doubts About US-China Rules on Air Encounters


Lost in the headlines about cybersecurity and climate change during the U.S.-China summit last week was the agreement struck between Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping on rules for military air-to-air encounters. The deal, which followed an...
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on Tue Sep 29 3:43 PM

US intel officials warn hacking is getting worse | Project Economy


On Tuesday, top American spy officials said cyberattacks are getting worse -- and it's time to set basic international rules to prevent a future catastrophe.
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on Tue Sep 29 1:37 PM

U.S., Cuba leaders meet for 2nd time in this year


UNITED NATIONS — Making good on a pledge to change U.S. posture toward Cuba, President Barack Obama opened talks Tuesday with Cuban President Raul Castro, the second time the leaders of the once-estranged nations have met this year.
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on Tue Sep 29 1:02 PM

President Obama, Cuba's Castro meet at United Nations


Encounter comes as Cold War adversaries go about complex process of normalizing relations following decades of animosity
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on Tue Sep 29 9:38 AM

Aboard a US nuclear sub, a cat-and-mouse game with phantom Chinese foes - Pacific


The Obama administration's decision to send its newest vessels and warplanes to Asia over the last four years in a strategic rebalance intended reassure allies nervous about China's growing clout has increased cat-and-mouse jockeying between the...
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on Tue Sep 29 8:05 AM

Taxpayers fund Christian-focused Congressional prayer caucus


The caucus meets weekly in the U.S. Capitol to defend the role of (mostly) Christian faith and prayer in the U.S. government and support a conservative vision of religious liberty. The post Taxpayers fund Christian-focused Congressional prayer...
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on Tue Sep 29 3:26 AM

Illustration Inspiration: Jim Arnosky, Creator of Frozen Wild : The Childrens Book Review


Artist and naturalist Jim Arnosky has been honored for his overall contribution to literature for children by the Eva L. Gordon Award and the Washington Post/Children’s Book Guild Award for nonfiction. His latest book is "Frozen Wild."
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