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Huge Ponds Hold Tar Sands Sludge, and Great Risks

Huge Ponds Hold Tar Sands Sludge, and Great Risks

LIVESCIENCE | on Mon, Aug 25, 2:27 PM

Every day, 6.6 million gallons of tar-sands mining waste head to huge ponds in Canada — and yet no one has a good handle on how well those ponds are contained.
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on Sun Aug 24 9:24 PM

Alberta riled by Leonardo DiCaprio’s position on oil sands


Petroleum lobby group ‘growing tired of the fad of celebrity environmentalists,’ while government says industry is acting responsibly
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on Sat Aug 23 12:56 PM

Alberta considering tuition hikes through market modifiers - Calgary


Alberta is considering letting some post-secondary institutions hike tuition fees to bring some program costs in line with other institutions across the country.
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on Fri Aug 22 1:29 PM

New enzyme targets for selective cancer therapies -- ScienceDaily


Compounds that target brain cancer have been recently developed by researchers. The team synthesized a first-of-its-kind inhibitor that prevents the activity of an enzyme called neuraminidase. Although flu viruses use enzymes with the same...
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on Tue Aug 19 9:25 AM

More Parents Nixing Anti-Bleeding Shots for Their Newborns


Vitamin K injections, given after birth, can prevent potentially fatal hemorrhaging in infants, but anti-vax parents are extending their fears into a general rejection of all shots -- Read more on
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on Mon Aug 18 9:33 AM

A New Frontier for Fracking: Drilling Near the Arctic Circle by Ed Struzik: Yale Environment 360


Hydraulic fracturing is about to move into the Canadian Arctic, with companies exploring the region's rich shale oil deposits. But many indigenous people and conservationists have serious concerns about the impact of fracking in more fragile...
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on Wed Aug 13 6:59 AM

BBC News - Hemp fibres 'better than graphene'


The waste fibres from hemp crops can be transformed into high-performance energy storage devices, US scientists say.
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on Fri Aug 8 7:39 PM

China detention of Garratts will test Canada’s skills


Efforts to free detained citizens by powerful nations have had mixed results
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on Thu Aug 7 5:18 PM

It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens (danah boyd) - Collaborative Book Engagement


It's Complicated - Collaborative Book Review & Engagement read more
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on Wed Jun 11 5:24 PM

U of A won't accept four profs sharing president job


Application highlights the type of leadership universities are really looking forThe post U of A won’t want four profs sharing president job appeared first on
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