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on Thu Mar 26 12:03 PM

'The worst kind of journalism': 150 writers and academics slam CBS coverage of Africa | World news


An open letter accuses American broadcaster of rendering Africans ‘voiceless and all but invisible’ in its portrayal of the continent Continue reading...
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’60 Minutes’ Blasted For “Anachronistic Style” Of Africa Coverage

’60 Minutes’ Blasted For “Anachronistic Style” Of Africa Coverage

DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD | on Wed, Mar 25, 9:54 PM

A group of academics and journalists is accusing 60 Minutes of turning black Africans into background extras in its recent segments from the continent. “60 Minutes has managed, quite extraordinarily, to render people of black African...
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on Wed Mar 25 5:33 PM

2 Exotic Termites Find Love in Florida, Worrying Researchers


Researchers find 2 exotic termite species mating in Florida, raising concerns about new hybrid
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on Wed Mar 25 3:17 PM

Two most destructive termite species forming superswarms in South Florida -- ScienceDaily


Two of the most destructive termite species in the world are swarming together in South Florida. They might mate, forming a hybrid, and that worries the UF/IFAS scientists who found the superswarm.
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on Wed Mar 25 8:27 AM

Majority of parents unaware of safe pitching practices -- ScienceDaily


A new study found that 53 percent of the parents/caregivers of youth baseball pitchers are unaware of safe pitching practices designed to prevent overuse injuries -- common tears or damage, most often to the elbow or shoulder -- which can cause...
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on Wed Mar 25 6:50 AM

Suspicion surrounded Florida businessman who faked his death


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jose Lantigua’s family appeared to be living the American Dream. The Cuban immigrant claimed he had a heroic military career and earned numerous degrees before running a successful furniture business. He owned a...
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on Wed Mar 25 5:34 AM

Suspicion Surrounded Florida Businessman Who Faked His Death


Suspicion surrounded Florida businessman accused of fraud after faking his own death
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on Tue Mar 24 12:07 AM

Starting the Conversation on What We're Thankful For | Arianna Huffington


Gratitude has always been one of the most powerful emotions for me. And it's no coincidence that "grace" and "gratitude" have the same Latin root, "gratus." Whenever we find ourselves in a stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off mindset, we can remember...
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on Sun Mar 22 2:35 PM

State board looks for ways to fund campus cops


Last week, the Board of Governors heard testimony from police and counselors as members examine ways to make sure campus police departments are adequately funded and have enough officers and equipment.
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on Fri Mar 20 7:02 PM

CDC commitment to safety 'inconsistent and insufficient,' report finds


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came under fire last year after a series of safety lapses at CDC facilities involving Ebola, anthrax, and bird flu. A report detailing inadequate lab safety procedures has prompted improvements at CDC.
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