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on Wed Sep 30 2:57 AM

Afghan forces battle Taliban insurgents to retake key northern city of Kunduz


Fighting continues for a third day after Taliban militants launched an assault on the city on Monday in one of their biggest successes since 2001
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on Wed Sep 30 12:21 AM

Afghan troops begin push to recapture Kunduz from Taliban - Middle East


As part of the counteroffensive on Kunduz, Afghan forces were backed by at least two U.S. airstrikes, including one intended to consolidate their positions around the city's airport.
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on Tue Sep 29 10:18 PM

Whistleblower to get $799K settlement in defense contractor overbilling case - U.S.


A defense contractor accused of overbilling the military for training hours at Fort Benning, Ga., and Fort Bliss, Texas, agreed to pay $4.63 million to settle the case. It admitted no wrongdoing.
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on Tue Sep 29 10:00 PM

Oh, Lord. Ben Carson's been getting his policy ideas from one of the kookiest kooks in conservatism


This explains so damn much. For all those who wondered how a seemingly intelligent and capable brain surgeon like Dr. Ben Carson could morph into the staggeringly uninformed, conspiracy-riddled persona of hard-right political candidate Ben...
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on Tue Sep 29 7:03 PM

Taliban topples Kunduz: what that means for Afghanistan's security


The Taliban seizure of the major Afghan city of Kunduz is a major warning sign for Afghanistan's security forces. But it could be a needed one.
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on Tue Sep 29 6:57 PM

The 10 most egregious U.S. abuses of psychology and psychiatry


From Project MKUltra to the CIA's torture program, mental health professionals in the US have some explaining to do
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on Tue Sep 29 3:05 PM

US military opens a new front in the hunt for African warlord Joseph Kony - Africa


U.S. Special Operations forces have opened a new front in their hunt for the African warlord Joseph Kony, moving closer to his suspected hideout in a lawless enclave straddling Sudan and South Sudan, according to military officials and others...
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on Tue Sep 29 1:18 PM

Kunduz collapse biggest test yet for Afghan forces - News


The sudden loss of Kunduz, the first major Afghan city to fall to the Taliban since 2001, says more about the weakness of the U.S.-trained government forces than the strength of the Taliban.
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