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on Wed Jul 23 6:37 PM

Utilities unplugged a military 'power' play


Are military officials trying to get utility ratepayers to subsidize their operations?
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on Wed Jul 23 1:57 PM

$148 million metal research center set for Detroit


DETROIT — The headquarters of a federally funded metals research program that President Barack Obama announced earlier this year is slated to open this fall in Detroit.
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on Wed Jul 23 1:48 PM

45 Years After Moon Landing, NASA is MIA


The United States is outsourcing space exploration to other countries, something that should be a cause for concern.
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on Wed Jul 23 11:22 AM

Germans withholding evidence in AFN murder case pending death penalty decision - News


German authorities will withhold key evidence in the strangulation death of an AFN broadcaster — including the victim’s throat, unless the U.S. military gives assurances it will not seek the death penalty for the airman accused of the murder.
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on Wed Jul 23 9:36 AM

Watson Tapped By IBM, USAA To Advise Veterans


IBM Watson Engagement Advisor will support USAA customers who are leaving the military. Can Watson do better than conventional web and mobile support systems?
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on Wed Jul 23 7:56 AM

The chilling reason our government wants to erase this man from history


Why a government program called the "Communications Management Unit" is far more unsettling than its name suggests
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on Tue Jul 22 6:09 PM

Military suicides declined slightly in 2013, Pentagon says | Military Times


Suicides in the military dropped by 6 percent last year, a decline that Pentagon officials hope signals a reversal in a tragic trend - but that some advocates say does not reflect the true scope of the issue in the military and veterans' community.
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on Tue Jul 22 5:24 PM

Report: Open-air burn pits still in use in Afghanistan | Military Times


Two incinerators at a joint Afghan-U.S. airbase have been underused, needlessly exposing troops to toxic pollution generated from open-air burn pits still in operation, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has found.
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on Tue Jul 22 2:08 PM

U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,194


As of today, July 22, 2014, at least 2,194 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan as a result of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to an Associated Press count.
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on Tue Jul 22 11:30 AM

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