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on Thu Apr 24 6:03 PM

U.S. Army Approves ‘Humanist' Category As Religious Preference


Adelle M. Banks ("The Huffington Post," April 23, 2014) Washington ' More than two years after first making his request, Army Maj. Ray Bradley can now be known as exactly what he is: a humanist in the U.S. military.
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on Thu Apr 24 3:07 PM

PANAMA CITY: Panama's outgoing president touts wife's candidacy - Americas Wires


She's a political novice with a scant presence on the campaign trail, but Marta Linares has one vote that matters more than most in her bid to become Panama's next vice president: that of her husband, outgoing President Ricardo Martinelli.
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on Thu Apr 24 2:40 PM

War Dogs In Afghanistan Are Getting Their Own Air-Conditioned Kennels


The U.S. military's war dogs are a pretty badass bunch, but that doesn't mean they like being stuck inside stuffy kennels during 120 degree Fahrenheit summer weather (Who would, really?). That's why the army's designing them some swankier digs...
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on Thu Apr 24 12:00 PM

It's not Beijing's hackers you should worry about, it's Moscow's - Opinion


New information shows that Russian and Eastern European hackers, who have historically focused their energies on crime and fraud, now account for a large and growing percentage of all cyberespionage, most of which is directed at the United States.
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on Thu Apr 24 10:21 AM

Ex-commissary chief warns defense cuts could topple resale system - U.S.


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, backed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants DeCA’s annual appropriation of $1.4 billion cut to $400 million by 2017. Average shopper savings of 30 percent would fall to 10 percent as commissaries become...
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on Thu Apr 24 9:57 AM

USS Cole trial planning coming into focus - Americas


The judge in charge of the USS Cole case predicted Wednesday that the death-penalty trial could last nine months to a year, then hedged his bets by saying he’s bad at forecasting these things.
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on Thu Apr 24 8:46 AM

China splurging on military as US pulls back - Pacific


China's navy commissioned 17 new warships last year, the most of any nation. In a little more than a decade, it's expected to have three aircraft carriers, giving it more clout than ever in a region of contested seas and festering territorial...
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on Wed Apr 23 5:10 PM

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba: USS Cole trial planning coming into focus - Guantánamo


Military judge says the trial itself could last a year, and it’s unlikely he’ll preside over both USS Cole and 9/11 trials.
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on Wed Apr 23 3:46 PM

Former WWII shipyard being sold | Buffalo News, Buffalo Weather | WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo, NY


A former Rochester-area shipyard that produced tankers for the U.S. military during World War II could be redeveloped as a shopping plaza.…
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on Wed Apr 23 2:03 PM

The very real scare of 'Gravity': Trashing space - Opinion


The problem is that space debris tends to hang around. At lower altitudes, it can be pulled by the Earth's gravity within years and burn-up upon re-entering the atmosphere. Higher up, it can remain for decades or centuries and collide with other...
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