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2 hours 35 minutes ago

U.S. District Court Judge puts on hold Ohio gay marriage ruling for all but 4 couples who sued


COLUMBUS — A federal judge in Cincinnati today put on hold his own broad ruling requiring Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.
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2 hours 39 minutes ago

Sebelius said to be weighing run for Kansas senate seat


WASHINGTON — In her darkest hour last fall, Kathleen Sebelius suffered one of the deepest cuts from an old family friend who accused her of “gross incompetence” over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and demanded that she...
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2 hours 47 minutes ago

Super PAC ad hits Tillis on sex scandal | Under the Dome Blog


Democrats aren’t waiting until November to play a trump card against House Speaker Thom Tillis in the U.S. Senate race. A super PAC is putting about $1 million behind a…Click to Continue »
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2 hours 55 minutes ago

The Limitations of Democrats' Politics of Grievance - James Oliphant


For years, Republicans have expertly used voter anger to drive turnout. Now their opponents are trying to do the same—but experts are skeptical.
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on Wed Apr 16 10:58 AM

39 confirmed dead in Washington landslide


Thirty-nine people are now confirmed dead in last month's landslide in Washington state, the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office said Wednesday.
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on Wed Apr 16 9:09 AM

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz writes about resilience of Boston - MLB


The Marathon tragedy of a year ago was unbelievable. How Boston fought back? Not a surprise at all.
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on Wed Apr 16 6:51 AM

Exposing the NSA: A Public Service Worthy of a Pulitzer Prize - Conor Friedersdorf


The national-security state and its apologists don't see it that way—which is why we have the First Amendment.
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on Tue Apr 15 5:16 PM

Crist seeks to replicate Obama's email fundraising


Boom. Roasted. That's the subject line of an email this afternoon from Charlie Crist's campaign, which plays off a video of Crist surprising Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera at an event. It's the kind of tactic popularized by Barack Obama...
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on Tue Apr 15 3:39 PM

Brit Hume says Obama and Holder use race as a 'sword,' is stung by reactions


So Fox News "serious" news person Brit Hume talked this last Sunday on his let's-call-it "news" network that for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, "race has been a shield and a sword." He said this on a lily-white Fox News panel...
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on Wed Dec 31 7:00 PM

The Path to Mars


Washington DC (SPX) Apr 16, 2014 I have had several opportunities the past few weeks to testify before Congress and explain to the American people the ambitious exploration plan NASA has been implementing the past few years. It is a plan that...
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