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1 hour 15 minutes ago

More Secret Service planned after White House incidents


Two security incidents in two days have raised concerns about the safety at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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1 hour 25 minutes ago

BBC News - Islamic State message shows desire for US boots on the ground


Why Islamic State wants the West to put boots on the ground
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2 hours 28 minutes ago

Woman confuses voting and online dating in new GOP ad


The latest Republican ladies' outreach effort tops all previous Republican ladies' outreach efforts. For sheer awfulness, that is. I mean, holy crap this is terrible, condescending stuff: In 2008, I fell in love. His online profile made him seem...
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on Mon Sep 22 11:11 AM

Hillary Exhilaration Helps Energize Generation Z : The Protojournalist : NPR


Many young people are excited about the 2016 presidential election — and the chance to make history.
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on Mon Sep 22 10:27 AM

Fighting For Human Rights: Would You Sell Your Home To Help End Sexual Violence?


“Shannon Galpin was raped and left for dead at a time when most women are just beginning their adult lives. Her fight for women’s rights is personal.” That’s the first sentence from the “Fearless” chapter in my...
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on Mon Sep 22 10:11 AM

Michael Boggs nomination 'doesn't have the votes'


Michael Boggs Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told The New York Times that the nomination Michael Boggs is over. President Obama nominated the controversial Boggs—who as a Georgia state legislator was stridently...
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on Mon Sep 22 9:54 AM

Politico calls Gabby Giffords 'mean' for wanting to prevent others from being shot in the head


Former Rep. Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, with President Obama. The word "mean" has a lot of meanings, but, in a story headlined "Gabby Giffords gets mean," Politico is using one that's not in the dictionary. Apparently the...
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on Mon Sep 22 9:50 AM

Marchers sound urgent call for climate change action


Tens of thousands of people marched through Manhattan sounding an urgent call for action to reverse global climate change Sunday.
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on Mon Sep 22 3:26 AM

All Eyes On Obama, World Leaders At Climate Change Summit : NPR


More than 120 leaders are expected to attend the one-day summit sponsored by the United Nations. They have been instructed to arrive Tuesday with "bold ideas" to slow the rise in global temperatures.
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on Wed Dec 31 7:00 PM

US to Finish Human Space Launcher by 2018 at Best


Moscow (RIA Novosti) Sep 22, 2014 It will take the United States a long time to complete its project to launch spacecraft with American astronauts into orbit from US soil, following the country's refusal to use Russian Soyuz launchers, Andrei...
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