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on Fri Oct 24 2:00 PM

The good news in finance this week was not what you might think


Financial markets have stopped their hysterics for now, so let’s get some other things straight. Things about mortgage and other credit. Simple things. FDR’s first fireside chat in 1933 was devoted to simple explanations of banking. The next...
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on Fri Oct 24 8:54 AM

In Eurozone, Deflation; in U.S., Mild Inflation


America’s Consumer Price Index rose 1.7 percent in the last 12 months as some European economies appeared to have fallen into new recessions.
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The Almanac -

The Almanac -

UPI | on Fri, Oct 24, 3:30 AM

By United Press International UPI Almanac for Friday, Oct. 24, 2014
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on Sun Oct 19 11:00 PM

Yellen describes worsening inequality. What's needed is prescribing


The guy on the left usually gets credit for saving places like the one where he is standing. And he deserves a lot of it. But the guy on the right of this knob of rock high above Yosemite Falls should get at least half the credit. That's John...
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Financial companies find friends in Hagan, Tillis

Financial companies find friends in Hagan, Tillis

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER | on Sat, Oct 18, 9:29 PM

Kay Hagan has sponsored legislation that would help big banks avoid some limits to their participation in the huge market for financial instruments called swaps. Thom Tillis voted for a…Click to Continue »
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on Fri Oct 17 11:20 PM

Fed Chairwoman Yellen voices concern about increasing divide between rich and poor | Breaking News | providencejourna...


BOSTON — Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet L. Yellen said Friday she’s greatly concerned by the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the United States, which has been rising more or less steadily...
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on Fri Oct 17 6:32 PM

Yellen: Greatly concerned by widening inequality


Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen sounded an alarm Friday about widening economic inequality in the United States, suggesting that America's longstanding identity as a land of opportunity was at stake.
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on Wed Oct 15 2:51 PM

Former AIG chairman sues over bailout


WASHINGTON — Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke etched a portrait Friday of his initial reluctance to have the central bank rescue American International Group Inc. in 2008. But he ultimately came to believe the $85 billion bailout...
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on Tue Oct 14 8:12 PM

Obama: messiah or mess? - LA Times


What ever happened to the messiah? He for whom Americans danced in the streets on that unforgettable election night just six years ago. He who promised that humankind would remember this moment "when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our...
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on Mon Oct 13 3:30 PM

Should the US have chosen Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama? | Timothy Garton Ash | Comment is free


The visionary statesman of 2008 has not lived up to expectations, especially in foreign policyWhatever happened to the messiah? He for whom Americans danced in the streets chanting yes we can! on that unforgettable election night just six years...
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