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on Tue Nov 18 2:31 PM

Pandora's study finds Pandora to be good for music sales


In a study it conducted recently, Pandora found that its internet-based radio is actually a good thing for the industry. Not like it would say otherwise, we'd imagine, but Pandora states that the tunes it provides access to are spreading a...
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on Wed Nov 5 10:35 AM

The Fiver | It’s a new day | Football


Click here to have the Fiver sent to your inbox every weekday at 5pm, or if your usual copy has stopped arriving Continue reading...
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on Thu Oct 2 10:06 AM

Sonic sensors let you control tablets with table taps - tech - 02 October 2014


Using microphones attached to your touchscreen device, a new system lets you give commands simply by tapping nearby surfaces
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on Wed Oct 1 11:00 AM

Are Bugs Like Shellshock and Heartbleed Really Serious, or Just Hype?


Dear Lifehacker, So Shellshock is the newest vulnerability that may "break the internet." The last time they said that, it was about Heartbleed . Do I really need to be worried about all these bugs and vulnerabilities, or is this stuff...
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on Tue Sep 30 3:50 PM

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