Track-It Chuck Taylors

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on Wed Sep 17 5:02 PM

How To Hack All Your Beauty Products - Beauty Hacks


Finds new ways to downsize your makeup bag, mix custom cosmetics, and get that elusive Bardot bed head.
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on Tue Sep 16 6:00 AM

The rise and fall of Mars Hill Church


Craig Welch ("The Seattle Times," September 13, 2014) When the Christian radio host accused him of plagiarism, the quick-witted preacher sounded flabbergasted — and annoyed. “Man, I thought we’d have a better interview than...
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Made In America Festival Reveals The Perfect Concert Outfit

Made In America Festival Reveals The Perfect Concert Outfit

MTV | on Tue, Sep 2, 3:37 PM

We counted up how many clothes were (or weren't) worn at last weekend's festival.
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on Fri Jul 25 9:13 PM

Princess Superal will face Marijosse Navarro in U.S. Girls' Junior finale


Princess Mary Superal knocked off Cindy Ha in the U.S. Girls' Junior semifinals, while Marijosse Navarro slipped past Shelly Shin to set up an international final on Saturday.
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on Thu Jul 24 5:58 PM

Go Ahead, Wear the Flag Print


Bad news, patriots. Slate reports that your American flag Chuck Taylors are frowned upon by the federal government. “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform,” says the Flag Code, which has been part of the U.S....
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