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on Tue May 26 12:28 AM

No better half? No problem


Jim Kenney will likely be a mayor without a first lady. Voters don’t care.
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on Thu May 21 3:49 PM

U.S. and Cuba Discuss Opening Embassies


U.S. and Cuban officials on Thursday said they are nearing an agreement on fully restoring diplomatic ties and opening embassies
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on Tue May 19 7:26 AM

Iowa wonders: How long can big Clinton bid stay small?


Hillary Clinton isn't buckling under mounting pressure to abandon the comfort of her presidential campaign's small, carefully-choreographed events to answer lingering and politically sensitive questions.
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on Mon May 18 1:58 PM

Hillary Clinton continues Iowa voter pitch Monday


More than 70% of Iowa's Democratic caucus-goers chose an alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2008, a fact her aides in the state are actively looking to address early in her 2016 run.
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on Sun May 17 12:00 AM

Toledo’s real leaders are in the community, not city hall


With few exceptions, Toledo’s elected officials appear clueless and, like their sports teams, strictly minor league. But in my two years here, I’ve also found some major-league leadership — young and old — in the community,...
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on Tue May 12 5:26 AM

Hillary Clinton Walks Tightrope as Pressure Grows to Take Stance on Trade Deal


Her presidential campaign faces questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership that are seen as a litmus test of her ability to satisfy liberals.
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on Mon May 11 9:42 PM

What’s It Going To Take For Voters To Hold Corrupt Democrat Politicians Accountable?


Hillary “Scandal” Clinton’s latest dust up with the law, no matter how egregious or illegal, will not cause her mind-numbingly stupid followers to disavow her. If she were a Republican, she’d be tossed to the curb like a snotty Kleenex. We...
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Gingrich campaign pays IRS debt

Gingrich campaign pays IRS debt

IWATCH | on Mon, Apr 20, 2:20 PM

Newt Gingrich is once again square with the tax man, his 2012 presidential campaign having finally paid off a lingering debt with the Internal Revenue Service. The "Newt 2012" committee had owed the IRS more than $26,000 for income tax liabilities...
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Menendez's million-dollar defense | Center for Public Integrity

Menendez's million-dollar defense | Center for Public Integrity

IWATCH | on Thu, Apr 2, 10:34 AM

When news broke last month on the Department of Justice’s plans to indict Sen. Robert Menendez on criminal corruption charges, the New Jersey Democrat signaled he would fight. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said[1]. The test of Menendez’s...
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on Tue Mar 31 3:29 PM

New complaints against 2016 hopefuls may be resolved this decade — or not


The Campaign Legal Center today filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission against four potential presidential candidates — Jeb Bush[1], Rick Santorum[2], Scott Walker[3] and Martin O'Malley[4] — accusing them of full-on acting the...
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