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on Mon Jan 19 12:55 PM

Welcome to Görlitz, the perfect German town that’s a movie star in its own right | World news


The Grand Budapest Hotel has been nominated for nine Oscars – if only there was one for ‘best location’ so the eastern German town where it was filmed could win Continue reading...
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on Tue Jan 6 10:23 AM

The 88 movies we're most excited about in 2015 | Film


Think 2014 was a good year for film? Think again. This year is shaping up to be one of the classics. Here’s what’s on our radar. (Why 88? Here’s why)• What to watch this spring in the UK• Nine key Aussie releases• Week in geek on the...
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on Mon Jan 5 1:52 PM

Peter Bradshaw’s top 50 films of the demi-decade | Film


We are now midway through the 2010s. So what trends are emerging in cinema? Peter Bradshaw takes a look – and picks his top 50 films of the demi-decadeAs far as actors are concerned, the first five years of the 2010s proved that you can’t make...
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Oscar, DGA Voters Have Lots of Choices for 5 Nominees

Oscar, DGA Voters Have Lots of Choices for 5 Nominees

DAILY VARIETY | on Fri, Jan 2, 4:25 PM

Mention the word “overcrowded” and awards pundits immediately talk about the best-actor race. But the director ranks are just as jam-packed — and offer a more interesting insight into the state of the film biz. There are at least a dozen...
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on Thu Jan 1 11:46 AM

A list of the 101 best movies on Netflix UK


Selected by Tim Robey
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on Mon Dec 29 9:30 PM

The best and worst in pop culture for 2014


The end of the year brings about resolutions and lists. There are always lots and lots of lists. There's something so human about trying to measure importance while filing, indexing, and numbering things. There's an absurdity to it, but that's...
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on Mon Dec 29 11:42 AM

Andrew O’Hehir’s top 10 movies of 2014


Don't believe the haters! From a Texas family epic to class war on a train, it was an amazing year at the movies
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on Tue Dec 23 10:00 AM

The Best Films and TV Shows of 2014 According to Indiewir


For more top 10 lists from Indiewire's blog network, check out Thompson on Hollywood and The Playlist. Dana Harris, Editor in Chief 1. "Nymphomaniac Part 1." Fly fishing! Asking 'W' questions! Shia LaBouef's murky accent! All of...
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on Wed Dec 17 8:31 PM

The Ten Best Films of 2014 | Balder and Dash


by The Editors December 17, 2014   |   Print Page Tweet[1][2]An actor taking one last shot at redemption. A young woman realizing that we all have to look back to move forward. The arc of boy to man. The best films of 2014 took viewers on...
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on Tue Dec 16 10:31 AM

For Your Consideration: How the First Two Weeks of Decemb


The roughly six month period that we all call awards "season" in large part actually comes down to the first two weeks of December. And in those two weeks, we're treated to a nonstop parade of announcements from the Golden Globes, the...
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